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Sen. Mike Braun is favored to win next week's primary and then coast to the governorship in the fall. Meanwhile, does it matter that Donald Trump is late in setting up his campaign's ground game?
Though officials have pushed job training and career readiness programs, the lack of child care, affordable housing or mental health services prevents people from joining the workforce.
The study scored Indiana’s voter removal practices at 76 percent, but the state’s safeguards at just 20 percent, along with five others, for not allowing same-day voter registration. The study has received pushback from state and local officials.
The Midwest Alliance for Clean Hydrogen is one of 33 groups that submitted final applications in a bid to win up to $1.25 billion in federal funding to develop hydrogen hubs across the nation.
Indiana lawmakers are considering changes to an absentee voting measure that would alter who may deliver absentee ballot applications and what proof of identification is required to obtain a ballot.