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The $95 billion pension has pushed back against an independent review that it has not been transparent when it comes to earnings and fees associated with alternative investments like hedge funds and equity firms.
The goal of having nonpartisan elections is not to remove all politics from governing but to remove a conflict point that keeps a school board from doing its job.
They anchored their communities, and Black teachers taught their students that everyone could learn and succeed. We should keep these strengths in mind as we try to re-integrate public schools today.
The Maryland county has partnered with the public school system and the Regional Transportation Agency of Central Maryland to provide free public transportation to school, afterschool programs and jobs.
As the nation’s second largest school district returns to in-person classes, officials are enforcing their district-wide testing plan that will cost $350 million, involve 1,000 health-care staff and two airplane trips every day.
Despite a record surplus, agencies have been told not to expect the extra money in their budgets. Republican legislators want to cut taxes while Democrats support expanded Medicaid and investments in education.
Unlike last year, kids will be in classrooms almost everywhere. Politics will interfere with safety measures to protect them against the delta variant, notably mask mandates.
A new report ranked which states have the best and worst K-12 public school systems in the nation; Massachusetts came in the top spot. On average, blue states ranked higher than red.
As other states introduce legislation restricting educators from teaching about race, Virginia has incorporated more Black history in all history classes, making it an integral part of the American experience.
The Washington state Legislature passed more than 300 bills last session and many of them become laws this weekend. From drug possession to education, here’s a snapshot of what’s new in the state.