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Nearly two dozen states controlled by Republicans have prohibited or modified diversity, equity and inclusion programs, primarily in public university systems. One new law led the University of Texas system to eliminate 300 positions.
There’s a global shortage of workers in the semiconductor industry. To combat this, the Taiwanese government and several corporations have partnered with a university to fast-track students into jobs.
“Staying small is important to me,” says one of the microschool’s founders. “I value the small classes and the strong sense of community here. Everybody knows each other.”
California schools are using more chatbots, and teachers are using them to grade papers and give students feedback. Educators are split on the technology’s efficacy.
Four in 10 school buses in New Jersey failed initial inspections, according to an analysis of 22 months of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission records. Nearly 6,000 inspections led to buses being taken off the road.
The city’s Education Department has directed districts to increase their share of classes in compliance with a reduced size plan by 3 percent. Superintendents can require schools to meet individual targets.
Wealthier families have always had options for educating their children. States have ways to provide options to everyone.
The end of the college term means campus protests are done, at least for now. But Democrats are split over the war in ways that may hurt the party in the fall.
Bill author state Rep. Dodie Horton argued that the Ten Commandments are the “basis of all laws in Louisiana” and the legislation honors the country’s religious origins. The bill must be signed by the governor before it becomes law.
The state House Education Committee unanimously approved a measure on Tuesday that would bar protests by any organization funded by a foreign adversary. It would also prohibit professors from imposing their political views on students.
The Washington state school district mistakenly recorded revenue twice during the accrual and reconciliation process, revealing a $20 million shortfall when the error was corrected. The staff reduction will save about $13 million.
The University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communication has a new prize meant to highlight the best work of journalists covering state and local politics.
A study found that California students who received associate’s degrees were able to recoup their educational costs faster than students who received bachelor’s degrees or certificates.
The state Legislature passed a “first-grade readiness” bill to require students who do not complete kindergarten to take a test to enter the first grade. If signed by Gov. Kay Ivey, the law will go into effect in July.
Admissions offices are trying everything from entrepreneurship programs to hunting classes.
Rather than calling in police to remove students and faculty, those who lead our colleges and universities should come out of their offices and let protestors know that they are being heard. It’s about academic freedom.