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Rush University Medical Center is using its classes of barber and hair stylist students to help combat the opioid crisis by providing them training about substance use disorders and how to administer Narcan.
There’s a global shortage of workers in the semiconductor industry. To combat this, the Taiwanese government and several corporations have partnered with a university to fast-track students into jobs.
The end of the college term means campus protests are done, at least for now. But Democrats are split over the war in ways that may hurt the party in the fall.
The state House Education Committee unanimously approved a measure on Tuesday that would bar protests by any organization funded by a foreign adversary. It would also prohibit professors from imposing their political views on students.
The University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communication has a new prize meant to highlight the best work of journalists covering state and local politics.
A study found that California students who received associate’s degrees were able to recoup their educational costs faster than students who received bachelor’s degrees or certificates.
Admissions offices are trying everything from entrepreneurship programs to hunting classes.
Rather than calling in police to remove students and faculty, those who lead our colleges and universities should come out of their offices and let protestors know that they are being heard. It’s about academic freedom.
Faced with penalties ranging from academic probation to arrest, students continue to push back against the idea they should stop protesting.
Updates to the financial form have led to major delays in students' completion and colleges offering aid. Some analysts worry large numbers of students won't get the help they're entitled to.
The university will add two academic programs, artificial intelligence and neuroscience, and revise one for fall 2024, pending approval by the state Board of Regents.
The lower number in completed applications for aid has education advocates worried about a smaller fall enrollment this year. An overhaul of the form has caused delays and setbacks across the country.
It takes partnerships among school districts, higher education, employers and community leaders to unlock the potential for more students to earn a degree that leads to significantly higher lifetime earnings. States can do a lot to make that happen.
The University of Texas at San Antonio intends to launch one of the nation's first colleges devoted to AI and cybersecurity next year.
As recent ousters illustrate, patriarchy's a particular issue for Black women in top administrative positions at colleges and universities. Education leaders and public officials need to take it seriously.
Adams State University, Fort Lewis College and Western Colorado University are hoping for $3 million per institution from the state to ensure access for students from less populous areas.