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Pennsylvania Ranks 22 in Artificial Intelligence Interest

A report found that the state ranked in the top half of states when it came to interest in the technology. California, Massachusetts and New York ranked the highest overall.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is arguably today’s hottest topic of conversation.

Pennsylvania on the whole seems to have a vested interest in the technology, as the state ranked among the top in the country that are the most intrigued about it.

GoTo is a website that touts itself as “the trusted partner for companies of all sizes to connect, collaborate, secure their workforces, and support employees and customers.” Since AI is believed to be a driving force in changing said workforce, GoTo was curious to see which states hold the most interest for the technology.

Researchers from thus conducted and published a study on behalf of GoTo that analyzed the search volume for AI over the past 12 months and divided the data by state. Researchers additionally leveraged information from the Stanford Artificial Index Report and Adobe to flesh this data out further.

According to the study’s news release, Pennsylvania was 22nd overall when it came to AI interest, ranking it amongst the top 25 states. Alas, in number one was the home of Silicon Valley, California.

“It’s not going to come as a surprise that California is a leading state for artificial intelligence, having over 20 million searches for AI software since May 2022,” reads the release.

“California is not only home to some of the leading AI companies, including Google, Apple and Facebook, but additionally is home to prestigious institutions like Stanford University and the University of California, which have all made significant contributions to the field of AI.”

Finishing out the top three was Massachusetts in second and New York in third.

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