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Gov. Josh Shapiro signed an executive order on Monday that pioneers several initiatives to attract public service workers. Approximately 18,000 state employees will become eligible to retire in the next five years.
Professional sports teams are on the move and they’re leaning on state and local officials to help them. Subsidies exceeding $1 billion per deal are on the table.
Human error on Jan. 3 resulted in the loss of thousands of files from 77 computer system servers for the Pennsylvania State Police and State Employees’ Retirement System. Some of the data has yet to be recovered.
In 2022, the state raised the income eligibility for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program from 165 percent of the federal poverty income to 200 percent, expanding the eligible population by 420,000 residents.
State Rep. Dan Frankel has proposed a measure that would revoke the concealed carry permits of anyone who is caught with a firearm at a TSA checkpoint. State TSA agents seized 44 guns this year, nine more than the previous record year.
The law enforcement training facility will cost as much as $350 million. It will include 300 single-person dorms, an auditorium, gymnasiums, a firing range, a stable and more. Construction is expected to finish in 2028.
The proposed bill would charge electric vehicle owners $290 a year to supplement decreased revenue lost from the state’s gas tax. It is estimated the fee would generate as much as $20 million annually for the state.
Planting trees along small streams is a simple idea with big consequences for watersheds.
The measure would grant unemployment benefits to striking workers by amending existing state law. Republicans oppose the measure, making the bill’s future in the GOP-controlled Senate uncertain.
Ohio voters approved an abortion rights measure while Virginia Democrats won control of the legislature, guaranteeing rights there will be preserved.
A survey found that 69 percent of voters were in favor of requiring school districts to place an armed security officer in every school; 73 percent believe it would make schools safer.
The regional hubs will help replace fossil fuels and will also create more than $40 billion in private investment along with thousands of new jobs. Nearly every state has joined at least one proposed hub.
The Pottsville Parking Authority will issue virtual parking permits in 2024 for eight municipal lots across the city. The permits will be available for purchase starting in mid-December.
More than half a dozen businesses in the northeastern part of the city were broken into this week. Police say the acts of vandalism were carried out by opportunists looking to capitalize on the dismissal charges against Mark Dial.
The city’s Technology Council’s annual Tech Fest encourages developers to capitalize on the power of generative artificial intelligence while also being cognizant of the risks of the software.
Virginia is one of just two states in which legislative control is divided between the parties. Then, what makes special elections so special, Pennsylvania Democrats' struggle to maintain control and attorneys general keep getting in trouble.