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The number of racial lynching victims that Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan posthumously pardoned last Saturday, a first-of-its-kind pardon by a governor.
The proportion of people who moved during the pandemic to be closer to family — an increase of approximately five percentage points from pre-pandemic levels. The pandemic sped up an existing trend of people migrating out of metropolitan areas into smaller cities. Still, some researchers were surprised to find that more people were moving for reasons other than coronavirus case rates or jobs.
The amount of American land and water that the Biden administration has pledged to conserve over the next decade.
The proportion of Americans that President Biden hopes will have at least one of their COVID-19 shots by July 4. So far more than 56 percent of U.S. adults have received at least one shot, and it is expected that approval will be given to start vaccinating 12- to 15-year-olds in the coming days.
The proportion of new COVID-19 cases that are in children, an increase from a year ago when children accounted for just 3 percent of all cases.
The number of passengers that went through TSA screening at airports across the nation on Sunday, May 2, the highest number since March 2020, despite it still being about 35 percent lower than pre-pandemic levels.
The amount that California Democrats have proposed to help combat drought, bolstering programs and projects the state is already working on.
The amount that Amtrak has requested from Congress over a five-year timeline to overhaul some of the railway’s busiest corridors in the country. The first installment would be $5.4 billion for the upcoming fiscal year beginning on Oct. 1. The rail company wants to add as many as 39 new corridor routes and include 166 cities, increasing its service to 20 million people annually, by 2035.
The updated deadline for Real ID. The Department of Homeland Security postponed the original Oct. 1, 2021, deadline due to the coronavirus pandemic.
The amount that West Virginia will pay to those between the ages of 16 and 35 who get vaccinated, as a way to further incentivize vaccinations.
The year by which Honda Motor Co. will transition all of its vehicles to electric and fuel cell vehicles.
The amount that former Wall Street executive and Democratic candidate for New York mayor Ray McGuire will receive as part of a bonus program, in four installments between 2022 and 2025. When he worked on Wall Street, McGuire was one of the senior-most Black executives.
The number of House Republicans who have pledged to reject donations from Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple and Twitter.
The amount that Democratic lawmakers have proposed to convert America's fleet of school buses to electric vehicles as a way to improve children’s health. School buses carry approximately 25 million children each day.
The estimated number of Connecticut children in grades K-12 that currently have religious exemptions from immunization requirements. A recently proposed bill that would end the state’s religious exemption starting in the 2022-23 school year passed the House of Representatives after 16 hours of debate and now awaits action from the Senate.
The number of Arkansas state Representatives who voted to pass a bill that would amend current state law and allow teachers in public schools to teach creationism as a part of the curriculum. All 72 of the representatives that approved the legislation are Republican. The state is likely to face legal challenges if the bill becomes law.
The number of mass shootings in 2021 as of April 16, according to the Gun Violence Archive. To be considered a mass shooting, there must be a minimum of four gunshot victims. April 16 was only the 106th day of the year.
The estimated number of homeless people who have tested positive for COVID-19 in Seattle, Wash., since the pandemic began; 22 have died. More than 100 shelters and service sites in the area have had coronavirus outbreaks.
The latest bid amount for a Colorado license plate that reads: ISIT420. The state is auctioning off 14 cannabis-themed license plates, including plates that read BONG, GANJA, TEGRIDY and HASH, as a fundraiser for the state’s Disability Funding Committee. Bids are being collected until 4:20 PM on April 20.
The number of candidates vying to fill the spot of the late Texas Rep. Ron Wright, a Republican who died of COVID-19 in February. The special election to fill the Congressional seat will take place on May 1.
The amount that Uber Technologies Inc., PayPal Holdings Inc., and Walgreens Inc., have put into a fund to provide free ride-hail trips to COVID-19 vaccination sites across the U.S. for those without access to transportation.
The number of acceptance emails that the University of Kentucky accidentally sent out to high school seniors for a program that usually only accepts about 36 students per year. Some of the students who received the acceptance letter claimed to have never applied to, visited or went onto the website for the university. The university apologized for the mistake and said it was due to a “technical issue.”
The amount of money that was hidden somewhere in Maine by a couple to celebrate the state’s 200 years of statehood. The money is the reward to an elaborate treasure hunt that includes solving a secret, a riddle and a puzzle, and encourages residents to explore the state.
The number of Americans in 36 states who signed up for federally sponsored health-care plans between Feb. 15 and March 31 under the Special Enrollment Period that was reopened by the Biden administration.
The number of new coronavirus cases reported in Michigan on Sunday and Monday, making it one of the worst affected states for new cases and hospitalizations.
The estimated number of Republicans who believe that the riot at the U.S. Capitol was largely non-violent or was by left-wing activists “trying to make Trump look bad,” according to a new poll. Only three in 10 Republicans agree that former President Trump has some responsibility for the attack.
The proportion of Americans who support automatic voter registration. A new poll found that about half of Americans supported increased voting access through early and mail voting.
The amount of Biden’s $2 trillion jobs and infrastructure plan that would be allocated towards supporting community-based violence prevention programs.
The amount that President Biden’s infrastructure plan would allocate toward boosting the electric vehicle and renewable power markets. The $2 trillion infrastructure plan also promises to spend $165 billion on public transit, Amtrak and other rail programs.
The consumer confidence index in March, an increase of 19.3 points, which is the highest increase since April 2003. The index is at its highest level since the pandemic began a year ago; however, consumer confidence is still down nearly 23 points from pre-pandemic levels.
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