Governing's Top Stories of 2012

We have compiled a list of the ten stories that our readers paid the most attention to this year.
by | December 27, 2012 AT 4:30 PM

At Governing, we always strive to report on the most important issues in state and local government. Out of the hundreds of stories we wrote this year these 10 stories were among the most read on our website. Be sure to check out any that you missed and thank you for being loyal readers all year long.

Pension Puffery

At the start of the year, we outlined twelve half-truths about pensions that we hoped would be debunked over the year as they were discussed and debated.

The 5 Biggest U.S. Infrastructure Projects, Plus 5 at Risk

From Washington, D.C., to California, we brought you the five biggest projects in the country right now -- and the five biggest ones in jeopardy.

Pot Legalization Could Set Up State-Federal Showdown

Before the November election, we looked at the potential clash between the two levels of government should Marijuana be legalized. Now that Colorado and Washington have done so, we will see how that showdown unfolds in 2013.

Should Welfare Recipients Be Drug Tested?

Almost two dozen states considered bills requiring citizens who are applying for or receiving public benefits to be drug tested. While sensible arguments for such programs can be made, they ultimately don't hold up to scrutiny.

Mapping Municipal Bankruptcies

The number of cities filing for Chapter 9 protection continued to grow throughout the year as local governments continued to feel the pain left behind by the recession, shrinking tax bases, and pension obligations.

How Weston, Florida, a City of 65,000, Gets By on 9 Employees

Since the 1980s, state and local governments across the country have increasingly sought to outsource various services to the private sector. But few do it like Weston, an affluent suburb located 25 miles northwest of Miami.

Where Do Most Commuters Walk to Work?

Our By the Numbers blog tells stories based on data. In this popular piece we looked at census data showing which metro areas have the highest share of the population walking to work.

What Makes the Boomers the Boomers?

This article kicked off our Generations series centered on the baby boomers. As they prepare to retire we are discovering that they have vastly different wants, needs, likes and dislikes than the generations before them.

Disclosing Public Employee Pay Troubles Some Officials

This article, based on a GOVERNING survey, discusses how some public officials do not think their compensation should be public at all. Despite that, many governments continue to work to make the information more available in the name of transparency.

Medicaid Expansion: Which States Have Most at Stake?

Following the Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act many states who opposed it were left to scramble to make decisions about the now optional Medicaid expansion, as well as overall implementation.

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