Law Enforcement Tattoo Crackdowns

Find out what's happening to law enforcement and police officers with tattoos.
by | July 24, 2009 AT 3:00 AM

Law enforecment official with tattoos Does a heart tattoo with "Mom" written inside portray a professional image?

The Dallas Police Department doesn't think so. The personnel department is now drawing up an official policy on tattoos, according to a story in the Dallas Morning News. That is, ya gotta cover up.

More and more officers have been sporting the body art. But some of it is in places hard to cover with clothing. Like the neck or wrist. Still, the Dallas policy will require a cover-up, even if that means makeup or a skin-colored patch.

Houston and Los Angeles are other cities that require that tattoos be hidden, despite the ever growing popularity of them in society at large. One unnamed Dallas officer disagrees with the upcoming policy. "What are you going to do with that guy who is 300 pounds, and you put him in long sleeves in the heat of summer, and he drops out on you?" the officer said.

Hm. Make sure police uniforms are made of breathable fabric?

Ellen Perlman
Ellen Perlman | Former columnist |