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Urban Issues and Policy

Professional sports teams are on the move and they’re leaning on state and local officials to help them. Subsidies exceeding $1 billion per deal are on the table.
The company controls millions of square feet of offices, so its struggles will surely cause more headaches for landlords. But the model it pioneered remains attractive.
Ingredients include increased numbers of residents, cultural amenities and tourism. The key is not depending too heavily on office workers.
The National League of Cities has created a task force to make presidential candidates aware of local concerns — and to forge relationships with officials who'll move from the campaign into the next administration.
One of the hallmarks of effective homeless response is coordinated effort. Mayors met in Los Angeles, the nation's homeless capital, to figure out how they can work together to reduce the entrenched problem.
Voters backed the sale of Cincinnati Southern Railway, the only city-owned interstate railroad in the country. The city plans to put $1.6 billion from the sale into a trust fund for infrastructure maintenance.
The Safe Streets for All program is awarding millions of dollars directly to cities and counties to improve roadways for all users. Many are applying multiple times.
A new report from the Urban Institute tracks how a year of infrastructure and housing grants align with federal priorities for equitable spending.
The city may join the ranks of others where it's free to ride the bus. It's part of a growing trend among smaller cities that are prioritizing ridership over revenue.
It's the only sanctuary city that has pointed to resettlement as the primary solution to put migrants on a path to self-sufficiency. But there are not enough case managers or landlords willing or able to rent to keep up with demand.
A new report, using new, more granular data sets, compares the recovery of 26 downtowns. Those with a mix of land uses, jobs and residents are faring the best, it says.
Between May 1 and Sept. 17, over 2,000 vehicles were reported stolen to the city’s police department and, as of Sept. 26, the agency had ticketed 411 of those cars while they were still officially considered stolen.
North Carolina, where cities large and small are creating open-container “social districts,” is about to find out.
The National League of Cities is helping mayors tackle the ways that challenges they face are connected to each other, and to public health.
Researchers found about 20 different species of wildlife across the city through the use of camera traps. For many animals, cities with lots of green spaces are havens from the urban heat island effect.
Ten California cities in the Bay Area will receive federal grants to plant, maintain and restore trees to increase the green canopy in poorer urban areas. Oakland and San Jose will receive $8 million and $6.6 million, respectively.