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Families and medical professionals say that the test strips are one of the cheapest and most effective tools at combating the fentanyl crisis. But there’s no pathway in Texas for legalization, which frustrates many.
City officials will disclose more information regarding the April data breach in which hackers accessed personal information of at least 30,000 people. Officials have waited until the report was finalized to share details of the cyber attack.
Six people died on Feb. 11, 2021, in one of the most destructive crashes in state history when a winter storm caused cars to skid along a two-lane tollway. On Sept. 1, two bills that aim to prevent similar crashes in the future will go into effect.
State legislators have passed more than 700 new laws and a variety of notable or controversial laws will take effect this week, including policies surrounding transgender athletes, chaplains in schools and a tampon tax.
With little in local tax revenue to help pay staff, rural Texas sheriffs are often forced to do more with less. Lawmakers hope a new grant program will help rebuild the ranks of rural law enforcement.
An independent consultant reported that the problematic rollout of the new payroll software system could be tied to a lack of IT involvement, communication and planning from the county’s own staff.
The Democracy Restoration Act, introduced by U.S. Rep. Jasmine Crockett of Dallas, Texas, would restore voting rights in federal elections for all released felons regardless of parole or probation status and regardless of state laws.
Officials tout the state’s diverse portfolio of energy sources, including wind, solar, natural gas and nuclear, as a major factor behind its resilience. On Aug. 7, peak demand was at 84,029 megawatts.
The agency will address its plan to clean an industrial site that is leaking cancer-causing chemicals and contaminating approximately 80 homes in the predominantly low-income neighborhood of North Texas.
The city manager’s budget includes $1.5 million on decommissioning homeless encampments, $1.5 million on building fences to keep homeless individuals out of encampment-prone areas and $1.1 million for the “cleaning” of encampments.
A new state law requires armed personnel on every public school campus starting on Sept. 1, a change intended to increase security and safety after last year’s Uvalde massacre. There are 318 registered school marshals across the state.
An overhead catenary line near the West End station was damaged due to high temperatures on Tuesday, Aug. 1, causing delays on DART’s light rail service in the city’s downtown area.
The Legislature killed a school funding bill after it was tied to a contentious school voucher plan that would use public funds for private schools, forcing districts to lay off staff and new buses to afford teacher raises.
A report found that, measured against 11 metrics, the Brownsville-Harlingen, McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, Beaumont-Port Arthur and Corpus Christi metro areas were four of the least educated regions in the nation.
Texas began offering schools extra money to expand their bilingual programs in 2019. But as the nation grapples with a teacher shortage, some counties are unable to find qualified teachers to teach the classes.
A new state law that goes into effect in September blocks city, county, school district and other authorities from limiting or banning the use, sale or lease of an engine based on its fuel source.