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Changes to Texas’ power grid have improved ERCOT’s ability to keep power flowing during major winter storms, but in an extreme scenario, the grid could still face rolling blackouts, a seasonal assessment shows.
More than two dozen state lawmakers retired or ran for a higher office, creating lots of turnover in the Legislature. While the partisan divide didn’t change much, the election expanded LGBTQ and Muslim representation.
The Texas governor has called upon the secretary of state, attorney general and Texas Rangers to investigate delayed polling place openings, a shortage of paper ballots and understaffing during last week’s election.
A district court judge and the Texas Supreme Court issued opposing rulings that left many confused about voting rules. The Texas county’s election results could hinge on whether ballots cast after 7 p.m. will be included in the final tally.
Not a single incumbent had been defeated as of Wednesday morning. Both parties believe they've found new stars among the freshmen, including Republican Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Democrat Wes Moore.
Texas ranks 46th in the nation for voter access, making it one of the hardest states to vote in. Dallas County has been working to increase accessibility, but there is only so much local officials can do.
The two Texas communities in Tarrant County have little in common, but state lawmakers united them under the same Senate district in an act of “defensive gerrymandering,” essentially guaranteeing a GOP advantage.
Sure, more are moving from the Golden State to the Lone Star State. But California still attracts Texas’ talents — and drains brains — by the tens of thousands every year.
Luke Warford hopes to unseat Wayne Christian in the upcoming race, though a Democrat hasn’t won a statewide office since 1994. The Railroad Commission regulates Texas’ oil and gas industry.
The state has more than 40 vacancies, and many superintendents increasingly find themselves under attack from conservative groups. Nationally about a quarter of superintendents had left their positions by the end of the last two school years.
State health officials have disclosed that the state’s first major count of pregnancy-related deaths in nearly a decade won’t be released until next summer, which means the data won’t be available to lawmakers until the 2025 cycle.
A new study from Oxfam America reported that Texas was ranked 48th on a list of best states to work, a decrease from its 47th rank the year prior, based on its poor wages, worker protections and organizing rights.
The elections for the lone Republican seat on Dallas County’s Commissioners Court, Tarrant County judge and the Texas House seat for Collin County have become close races in which the Democrats just might win.
The tech company has partnered with the trucking company Daimler to increase its fleet of autonomous semitractor-trailers to 60 vehicles running on I-45 between Dallas and Houston.
Lawmakers are seeking to downplay the role that slavery played in the development of the United States, but history tells a different story.
It can happen anywhere, and it will fall to the mayor to be the “communicator in chief,” setting the tone for the traumatized community’s immediate response and long-term recovery. The time to prepare is now, and resources are available.