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After the federal pandemic-era tax credit expansion ended in the second half of 2021, the child poverty rate more than doubled in 2022. Now, 14 states offer child tax credits and several more introduced bills this year.
The state’s Labor and Employment Department moved its fraud detection tools to the “highest possible level” in the spring to prevent further fraud. However, the effort has caused significant slowdowns for legitimate claims.
State legislators have passed more than 700 new laws and a variety of notable or controversial laws will take effect this week, including policies surrounding transgender athletes, chaplains in schools and a tampon tax.
Deaths for the first six months of the year are about 7.7 percent higher than they were for the same period in 2019, about a percentage higher than anticipated. The count in six states was at least 15 percent higher than pre-pandemic.
A new poll found that nearly one-third of Americans said the dewormer ivermectin was definitely or probably an effective treatment for COVID-19. It’s not. The limited trust for the media and government had wide partisan gaps.
A patchwork of confusing and sometimes contradictory policies, involving all levels of government as well as health care providers, resulted in a chaotic response. We need to figure out how to upgrade the system for future health emergencies.
The affordable laptops were easy for thousands of schools nationwide to scale up remote learning during the pandemic. Oakland Unified is just one of many districts that will have to retire and replace the tech after it expires just a few years after purchase.
The national share of employed women in their prime working age hit 75.3 percent in June, the highest recorded rate since the U.S. Census Bureau began reporting numbers in 1948.
The 40 COVID-19 deaths reported in Minnesota in June make up the lowest monthly total since March 2020. The state's overall toll is 14,896 — with seniors accounting for 83 percent of the deaths.
Downtown activity in Utah's capital city is far greater than it was even before the pandemic, according to some reports. While parts of the local economy still struggle, tourism has roared back.
To combat the “summer slide,” a network of about 600 community partners created a robust summer environment throughout the Dallas area to help improve students’ academic and social-emotional development.
The response to COVID-19 led to problems in schools, mental health and urban life. That doesn't mean it was all a mistake.
State lawmakers must develop a plan for dealing with a potential multibillion-dollar budget hole that stems from misuse of COVID-era funds for unemployment benefits. But some still believe there could be room for tax cuts.
The state is facing more than a dozen lawsuits involving at least 180 ex-employees who were allegedly forced from their jobs after asserting religious or other objections to the COVID-19 vaccination mandate.
A new report sheds light on mistakes, data gaps and dysfunctional organizational cultures that contributed to America suffering more loss of life than any other country in the world.
U.S. Senator Alex Padilla has proposed legislation that would provide individuals who worked as essential workers during the pandemic with a pathway for citizenship, though the bill does not provide any timeline for the plan.