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The North Carolina governor issued an executive order on Tuesday that will expand the state’s Environmental Justice and Equity Advisory Board to 20 members, establish new actions for the cabinet agencies and set up a new website.
A recent poll found that Biden's approval rating among Black adults has dropped to 58 percent. Meanwhile election tool ERIC is under serious attack and the annals of non-cooperation.
More than 14 percent of homes in Mecklenburg County do not have Internet access, which means many residents cannot accomplish daily tasks, like pay bills, check public bus times or schedule health appointments.
Mayor Elaine O’Neal, City Manager Wanda Page, City Attorney Kimberly Rehberg and Police Chief Patrice Andrews share how they came to lead the North Carolina city.
Across the nation, hate crimes hit a record high in 2021, increasing more than 33 percent from the prior year. In North Carolina alone there are 28 hate and 17 active anti-government groups.
Just four members of the public were allowed to speak on a bill that would increase penalties for inciting a riot, allows police and prosecutors to determine what constitutes a riot and escalates punishment for property damage.
Republican state lawmakers dissolved a nonpartisan group that ensured tax dollars were properly spent in February 2021. But with tax revenues flush, it may be time to bring back the division.
The town has a backlog of issues that must be addressed in the coming years, like increased service costs and city vehicle replacements. Officials are considering raising taxes by several cents to offset the costs.
The metro area in North Carolina faces unprecedented population growth and traffic congestion, which has triggered a study of possible commuter rail service. But the legacy of a failed light rail project casts a shadow on the plan.
A lawmaker’s change of heart could make North Carolina the 40th state to expand Medicaid.
After increasing in the past two midterm elections, last year’s Latino voter turnout decreased and just 36 percent of Latinos registered to vote and only 25 percent of those cast a ballot.
The Moore v. Harper case that went before the Supreme Court on Wednesday, Dec. 7, was focused on redistricting, but opponents of the case claim that it could cause problems with recounts, voter ID and the balance of power.
North Carolina CIO Jim Weaver and former Washington CISO Vinod Brahmapuram explain obstacles and tips and tricks for states looking to better collaborate with local partners and extend cybersecurity support statewide.
Gov. Roy Cooper issued an executive order to establish the North Carolina Advanced Clean Trucks program, which will require medium and heavy-duty truck fleets to increase their rate of zero-emission vehicles starting by 2025.
The North Carolina city was the first in the state to implement protections against income discrimination. The policy will only apply to housing that received city subsidies. Charlotte severely lacks affordable housing.
Voters face three major issues at this year’s midterms: abortion, the economy and state legislative control. Election Day is just three months away.