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Critics say recent changes will make corruption more likely. Transparency requirements were traded away in a deal that included a gas tax increase and updates to affordable housing rules.
Better pay for legislators is on the table in several states. It’s a sticky subject, even when their work is compensated below the minimum wage.
State lawmakers approved their own salary increases, including for future governors, and expanded the voting age to include some 17-year-olds. But they deferred a casino smoking ban, expanded family leave, book bans and more.
During the trial period, which began in August 2021 and ran for 18 months, city residents have taken 1.45 million scooter rides over 2 million miles. The program will undergo a few changes to appease some concerns.
The federal government promised $23 million to assist with recovery efforts after Hurricane Ida wreaked havoc on 49 schools and nine colleges and universities across the state. Many are still waiting for those funds.
The congestion pricing fee would be for drivers entering Manhattan south of 60th street, but a New Jersey lawsuit threatens to delay its implementation. The fee is forecast to earn $1 billion for the MTA’s capital budget.
The Michigan GOP is not the only state party with a treasury running dry. Meanwhile, in New Jersey, the fix is in for the governor's race. Plus, a reflection of Sandra Day O'Connor, legislator.
The City Council approved the creation of a supplemental zoning board of adjustment on Tuesday, Nov. 21, in hopes that the second board will help reduce the time developers have to wait for a hearing, thereby reducing costs.
The cancellation of two of the biggest offshore wind projects in the east highlights challenges in the fledgling industry and the obstacles to coastal states’ clean energy goals.
Transportation emissions accounted for 35 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the state, the most of any sector. The Advanced Clean Cars II mandate will require 51 percent of new car sales to be electric in 2027.
New Jersey becomes the latest state to sign a bill centering media literacy in schools, raising further awareness of the need for widespread media literacy policies. But more needs to be done, say experts.
Virginia Democrats have made abortion central to their campaign for legislative control. Gov. Glenn Youngkin and other Republicans believe they've come up with a rejoinder.
Gov. Phil Murphy signed a bill on Wednesday, Nov. 1, that will require public schools across the state to teach media literacy as a way to combat misinformation. The law goes into effect immediately.
Work is expected to begin on the $30.59 million all-electric collection system in late 2024 or early 2025, though the ceremonial start began on Monday. Approximately 88 percent of Atlantic City Expressway customers use E-ZPass.
Six months after New Jersey state Attorney General Matthew Platkin took over the city’s police department, Paterson has seen a 57 percent reduction in murders and a 32 percent decline in shootings as compared to last year.
School officials are implementing new rules to prevent bullying and improve the mental health of teens. But some of the new policies, like a cellphone ban, are controversial. In 2021, 16 percent of high schoolers said they had been cyber bullied.