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The City Council approved the creation of a supplemental zoning board of adjustment on Tuesday, Nov. 21, in hopes that the second board will help reduce the time developers have to wait for a hearing, thereby reducing costs.
Gov. Phil Murphy signed a bill on Wednesday, Nov. 1, that will require public schools across the state to teach media literacy as a way to combat misinformation. The law goes into effect immediately.
Work is expected to begin on the $30.59 million all-electric collection system in late 2024 or early 2025, though the ceremonial start began on Monday. Approximately 88 percent of Atlantic City Expressway customers use E-ZPass.
Six months after New Jersey state Attorney General Matthew Platkin took over the city’s police department, Paterson has seen a 57 percent reduction in murders and a 32 percent decline in shootings as compared to last year.
School officials are implementing new rules to prevent bullying and improve the mental health of teens. But some of the new policies, like a cellphone ban, are controversial. In 2021, 16 percent of high schoolers said they had been cyber bullied.
A review by the state attorney general found that safeguards to prevent double counting of votes were not in place, resulting in a miscount of Monmouth County’s ballots that declared the wrong winner for an Ocean Township school board seat.
There are signs that Gov. Tate Reeves' reelection is in trouble, but he has an outstanding track record. Meanwhile, turning New Jersey red and a failure to comply.
The study of more than 6 million cases found that 46 percent of traffic stops were of Black or Hispanic motorists, far more than their share of the state’s population. Officials called the findings “deeply troubling.”
Proponents of the technology claim that it can be used as an important crime-fighting and security tool. But critics argue that mistakes and wrong identifications could put innocent people in prison and threaten data privacy.
Climate activists say hazardous air conditions are not something that will end once the Canadian wildfires are put out. Air pollution from smoke or other sources are a daily struggle for many communities.
A new report found that by transitioning to electric vehicles, the state could avoid 3,290 deaths while creating $36 billion in public health benefits. New Jersey is aiming for 100 percent clean energy by 2035.
The last two state budgets included full payments to the pension fund of roughly $7 billion each year, the first time that’s been done in a quarter century. The Democratic governor’s latest budget proposal includes another full payment of $7.1 billion.
A proposed bill would allow all police and firefighters enrolled in the state’s pension system an option to retire early with a reduced pension after 20 years of service. Opponents warn it could burden taxpayers.
She has been secretary of state for New Jersey since Gov. Murphy took office in 2018 and will lead the National Association of Secretaries of State, the oldest organization of major public officials in the country.
The state is carrying out an ambitious offshore wind program as part of a plan to decarbonize its power grid. Some coastal residents don’t want to see it.
The state Senate passed the “Temp Worker Bill of Rights” after a monthslong saga that included a thrice-delayed final vote. The bill will give temp workers the right to basic information in their native language and eliminate agency fees.