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Tuesday’s primary elections will feature a handful of millionaire candidates in Maryland, Nebraska, North Carolina and West Virginia. While money does not guarantee political success, it often helps.
Omaha Housing Authority has filed more than 400 evictions this year, with 85 percent of those filings over debts allegedly owed to the agency. More than four-dozen filings involved debts of less than $300.
It took a long time for the state’s unique system of governance to fall into the hyperpartisanship that so many states have experienced. Can Nebraska find a way back?
Though Black people only make up 5 percent of the state’s population, they accounted for 21 percent of new HIV diagnoses in 2021, a disparity fueled by discrimination, community distrust and lack of access.
Weeping Water Public Schools will transition to a four-day school week beginning next year, making it at least the sixth school district in Nebraska to do so. But research on the schedule’s benefits for students is unclear.
A Nebraska bill would create a 12-member working group with representatives from the state Legislature, nuclear and hydrogen industries and the state and community college systems to create a pipeline of skilled workers.
If pay simply kept pace with inflation since the most recent raise in 1988, state senators would now make more than $30,000. Experts say that increasing pay could help diversify the Legislature, making it more like the people they represent.