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Nearly 40 percent of Mississippi’s population is Black and yet only 1 in 10 doctors across the state are Black. As a conservative push to ban diversity programs continues to gain strength, it’s unlikely that the state’s racial equity in health care will improve soon.
A poll found that 63 percent of Americans agree that the two main political parties do "such a poor job" of representing the public that a third party is needed. Meanwhile, a Republican's home state advantage and demanding input into redistricting.
There are signs that Gov. Tate Reeves' reelection is in trouble, but he has an outstanding track record. Meanwhile, turning New Jersey red and a failure to comply.
A trip to the birthplace of the blues is also a visit to a region soaked in the history of bigotry and the struggle for civil rights. It’s a past that we need to acknowledge and that today’s students need to learn about.
Twice-daily service between New Orleans and Mobile, Ala., would boost travel alternatives, help the economy and attract tourism dollars. But finalizing a deal with the freight operators that own the tracks has proven difficult.
Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves says privatizing the water system is “on the table.” But the city's mayor and others argue that would likely create more problems rather than fix Jackson's broken infrastructure.
The tax credit would give an incentive for people to enter into the workforce by supplementing their wages with a break on income tax, a credit that would eventually go away as the worker makes more money and stays in the workforce longer.