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As climate change brings longer periods of hot weather, the associated heat-related health risks also increase. While being in air conditioning is the simplest way to prevent heat illness and death, access to cool air isn't equitable.
Tulsa has long relied on oil and gas to fuel its economy. It's created a tech and entertainment ecosystem that turned out to be a perfect fit for the era of remote work.
The Colorado River system, which supplies millions of Americans in the Western U.S. with water, has declined to just 39 percent filled in the last two decades. Many cities are already making adjustments to limit water usage.
Just two weeks after the city opened the door for police use of the technology, the council implemented more restrictions on facial recognition use, including a judicial requirement for searches. Some think the city can still do more.
With confidence in election outcomes at an all-time low, where is the evidence that election officials have used their authority to interfere with America’s democratic process?
The Florida county’s election supervisor, Alan Hays, has claimed that the county’s Republican Party and other groups have perpetuated “outright lies” of voter fraud during the 2020 elections and claims intended to cast doubt on mail voting.
It can happen anywhere, and it will fall to the mayor to be the “communicator in chief,” setting the tone for the traumatized community’s immediate response and long-term recovery. The time to prepare is now, and resources are available.
While the Washington state county’s employment numbers continue to improve, a look at the civilian labor force shows the region still has not fully recovered from the impacts of the pandemic.
If none of the proposed maps get a majority approval by Aug. 12, the map pitched by Mayor Sandy Stimpson’s administration will win by default. But the debate continues, particularly over the racial demographics of District 7.
The Assembly voted 9-3 to overturn Mayor Dave Bronson’s veto of a measure that adds a process for removing a mayor from office into the city code. Bronson opposed the measure and likened it to a “coup” and an attack on the office of the mayor.
Two artists see the potential to bring theatrical disciplines to public meetings to better define the public’s role and make its participation more meaningful.
In response to the chaos that occurred during the 2020 election, City Clerk Janice Winfrey announced plans to increase security at the election sites and ballot tabulator location. Additional police will also be downtown.
The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to hire non-citizens, with some exceptions. There were about 880,000 non-citizens living in L.A. County in 2018.
Some rates have more than doubled, and many insurers require new security protections.
Mecklenburg County election officials were not expecting as high of a turnout because the election, which was originally scheduled to take place last November, was held in the middle of summer.
Eight all-electric school buses in the Cajon Valley Union School District will use advanced “vehicle-to-grid” technology to discharge emissions-free energy back to the grid after use.