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The 77 Committee is allowed to accept unlimited funds because it is not bound by the same city ethics rules that the Chicago mayor must abide by. The committee cannot coordinate with Lightfoot or political campaigns.
Maine’s largest city has proposed funding for affordable housing, employee retention bonuses, an addiction medicine program, health care for the homeless and more.
The fifth annual Health Equity Summit this week reported the housing crisis in the Pennsylvania community has not been dealt with adequately. About 34 percent of households are cost-burdened.
The Texas governor has called upon the secretary of state, attorney general and Texas Rangers to investigate delayed polling place openings, a shortage of paper ballots and understaffing during last week’s election.
The New York City mayor said the reforms to the rental assistance program will make it easier to access the CityFHEPS voucher program but did not address removing the 90-day rule which housing advocates have slammed.
The city has already planted more than 14,000 trees in historically marginalized and underserved communities. But ensuring the trees survive the next 3 years is crucial to the program’s success.
Honorees in this year’s Digital Cities Survey from the Center for Digital Government elevated their municipalities’ resilience, while bolstering services and prioritizing engagement with their residents.
A district court judge and the Texas Supreme Court issued opposing rulings that left many confused about voting rules. The Texas county’s election results could hinge on whether ballots cast after 7 p.m. will be included in the final tally.
Results were still pending in the biggest races of the night, but a major initiative to raise taxes for transit projects failed in Orange County, Fla., while early results for a “mansion tax” in L.A. showed promise.
The California city’s local Measure VY would allow 16- and 17-year-olds to vote in city and school board elections and goes before voters today. No other municipality in the country has the issue on its ballot.
On Monday, Nov. 7, the city’s aldermen voted on whether to pass Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s 2023 budget, which had received some pushback for not including funding for a Department of the Environment and including annual raises for future mayors.
Texas ranks 46th in the nation for voter access, making it one of the hardest states to vote in. Dallas County has been working to increase accessibility, but there is only so much local officials can do.
The California county is working hard to increase transparency about its voting processes amid the rise in conspiracy theories and occasional violence by offering tours of the election office.
A number of Los Angeles’ election races are likely to remain unanswered by the evening of Nov. 8 as a shift to vote-by-mail fundamentally alters how Californians participate in elections and how ballots are counted.
As election day approaches, a Maryland candidate for office uses every minute to secure every vote.