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The Colorado county’s sheriff’s office recently mandated that a notarized form is required to obtain public records. But critics worry the new rule is an unprecedented and unlawful burden.
Mayor Jacob Frey’s 2024 budget includes millions set aside over the next two years to comply with court orders to end racist and unconstitutional policing in a plan for new spending and new positions.
Since April 2022, nearly 110,000 migrants have made their way into the city, with about 60,000 still in the city’s care. Without more support from the federal government, Mayor Eric Adams does not see a solution to the issue.
Forces around the country are employing civilian investigators and online reporting to address workforce shortages among armed personnel.
A review by the state attorney general found that safeguards to prevent double counting of votes were not in place, resulting in a miscount of Monmouth County’s ballots that declared the wrong winner for an Ocean Township school board seat.
City officials will disclose more information regarding the April data breach in which hackers accessed personal information of at least 30,000 people. Officials have waited until the report was finalized to share details of the cyber attack.
All 22,000 city workers in Philadelphia are now eligible for a free transit pass under SEPTA’s Key Advantage program. More than 10,000 have already signed up.
An ultra-white coating can reflect just over 98 percent of sunlight, compared to commercial white pants that reflect just 80 to 90 percent of sunlight. The new paint kept outdoor surfaces 8 degrees cooler than surrounding temps.
Proposed legislation would give Atlanta Public Schools ownership of a 1.5-acre building parcel in exchange for a two-acre vacant property so that the city can develop housing and services for homeless residents.
Houston has created a real system to address homelessness, aligning city, county and nonprofit efforts. That innovative program is now under threat, due to changes in leadership and funding.
The Florida county’s State Attorney’s office declined to formally investigate former Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie and two other former administrators for attempting to hide a massive March 2021 ransomware attack from the public.
Proterra Inc. was expected to provide the city with 20 electric buses by 2026, but the manufacturing company announced its bankruptcy earlier this month. Payment for the vehicles has not yet been submitted to the company.
Experts worry that curfews disproportionately target young people of color.
Two years ago, state officials directed a total of $3.87B to close the digital divide and expand Internet access. But since then, the plans have been significantly reduced and lower-income neighborhoods have been left out.
They say the Department of Social and Health Services is failing people in the criminal legal system who also have mental health issues.