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The Derek Chauvin trial is accessible to anyone with a reliable Internet connection, providing an unprecedented level of access to Minnesota courts. Some hope this becomes the norm as more trials are televised.
The trial of the former city police officer has become a proxy for the state of racial tension in America, and perhaps the impetus for completing what the civil rights movement began in the 1960s.
The first full legislative session is underway after a summer of racial justice protests, and state lawmakers across the country are proposing changes to racist laws in policing, housing and health-care access.
Surrendering to Republicans on Black Lives Matter and reforming policing isn't the way to motivate voters and win control of the Senate in Georgia's runoffs.
Most of the state has seen large Black Lives Matter demonstrations in the wake of the death of George Floyd and other Black people, but for some rural towns being a BLM ally means death threats and harassment.
Numerous measures curbing police power or pursuing criminal justice reform ideas are on state and local ballots this year. They predate the George Floyd protests but reflect current concerns.
A bill celebrating the late actor Chadwick Boseman is one of many efforts states have undertaken to turn calls for racial change into legislative action. The BLM protests have turned into the country’s largest movement.
Legislation has been proposed that would implement nearly a dozen changes to state laws regarding protests, including charging protesters with a third degree felony if they obstruct traffic during an unpermitted protest.
A handful of recent protests have involved enough violence and property destruction for some to claim they are riots. Legislators have proposed penalties and protections for those who might be affected by future incidents.
Pretextual stops allow police to stop motorists for a minor violation but research shows these stops disproportionately affect Black drivers. Some believe that ending ‘pretext’ stops will help diminish police brutality.
Political exploitation of pain and fear has diverted our attention from the goals of the Black Lives Matter movement. Public officials need to work to bring us back to the more important issues.
State lawmakers have stalled a bill that would punish police officers who don’t physically intervene in situations of excessive force. Law enforcement groups opposed the legislation, which stalled without explanation.
The Pennsylvania city’s council introduced a police initiative that doesn’t defund the department but does implement stronger programs for training on mental health, addiction and other social issues.
In the wake of George Floyd’s death, California proposed a law that would punish police who fail to intervene while witnessing a situation possibly involving excessive force. Law enforcement thinks the bill is unfair.
Federal money and innovative housing-first programs have provided much needed support for the nation’s half-million homeless. But with the pandemic continuing, helping this vulnerable population will remain a challenge.