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In 1968, thousands of Mexican American high school students in East Los Angeles walked out of classrooms to protest discriminatory and substandard education. Despite mixed results, their demonstration ignited a new civil rights movement.
With the help of city school kids, an organization is restoring long-depleted oyster beds that once flourished in the waters that surround New York City. The bivalves are cleaning the water and protecting shorelines.
The Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate received a scholarship from the University of Southern California’s social work program, valued at nearly $100,000, which some argue is evidence for a broader bribery and corruption case against the department.
The pivot to free fares is one piece of a massive 16-year, nearly $17 billion transportation funding measure passed mostly along party lines during the 2022 legislative session in Olympia, the state's capital.
Fuel, energy and food costs have soared while teacher shortages have increased pressure to raise wages. The financial problem has hit as education emerges as a central issue in the Iowa governor’s race.
Diesel-powered school buses produce more than 5 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. EV school buses eliminate harmful pollutants and cost less to maintain than diesel buses. But they aren’t cheap.
The root cause of the problem is a longstanding overall lack of respect for teachers and their craft, which is reflected by decades of low pay, hyperscrutiny and poor working conditions.
Lawmakers are seeking to downplay the role that slavery played in the development of the United States, but history tells a different story.
Higher ed’s complex array of systems creates a large attack surface, and institutions are likely to pay ransom. Meanwhile, K-12 schools struggle with cyber staffing but more often resist extortion, a global report finds.  
Too many students from disadvantaged backgrounds spend a lot on postsecondary education without seeing an economic return. A new initiative is enlisting states to work toward equitable outcomes.
Chronic absence soared during the pandemic, and graduation rates dropped for the first time in 15 years. The first step out of this dangerous trend is knowing more about who’s missing.
They once numbered in the thousands. Now, only a fraction are left, mostly abandoned and falling apart. But Kathy Wilner is determined to find every remaining one-room school in her state.
Twice as many teachers are thinking about quitting than at the start of the pandemic. States are raising pay, but there's a promising model in Arizona that might make more stick around.
The civics training, part of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Civics Literacy Excellence Initiative, underscores the tension building around education and how classrooms have become battlegrounds for politically contentious issues.
By most reckonings, tiny schools should be gone by now. But a few of them are hanging on in a state where the rural population has been declining for decades.
For decades, states have relied on the so-called "sin tax" to fund vital social programs. If the FDA's recent proposal to ban menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars prevails, states will need to find another funding source to keep the programs afloat.