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The proposal would bar governments from being able to mandate a COVID-19 vaccine or future potential medical technologies and it would require private employers, health facilities to provide vaccine exemptions for religious beliefs.
The agency has forgiven billions of dollars in student loans for borrowers whose schools closed before they finished their degrees, as part of an Obama-era program. Biden’s debt relief plan still awaits a decision from the Supreme Court.
For decades, America dropped the ball on teaching students about democratic governance processes. Now it’s being seen as essential to repairing a battered democracy.
A federal judge overturned the prior age restriction allowing adults as young as 18 to carry licensed concealed handguns on public university campuses, into some businesses and across state lines.
Weeping Water Public Schools will transition to a four-day school week beginning next year, making it at least the sixth school district in Nebraska to do so. But research on the schedule’s benefits for students is unclear.
The school district revealed that thousands of student records, including some of current students, were posted to the dark web as the result of a recent cyber attack. The information included driver’s license and social security numbers.
Nearly 1.2 million residents applied or were automatically eligible to receive student loan forgiveness under the Biden administration’s relief plan. The forgiveness plan is currently on hold by a court ruling.
These teachings challenge the biased view that enslaved people brought nothing of value from Africa. Banning them is robbing all students of vital history and knowledge of how the nation got to be what it is today.
Hardscaped schoolyards present health risks in a warming world. A school forest initiative in California reflects a potential national trend to change the character and function of outdoor spaces.
A freshman lawmaker has proposed a bill that would end the use of college campuses as polling places during elections. In November, more than 18,500 early voting ballots were cast from college campuses in Tarrant County.
A Nebraska bill would create a 12-member working group with representatives from the state Legislature, nuclear and hydrogen industries and the state and community college systems to create a pipeline of skilled workers.
Proposed legislation would remove protections surrounding school librarians who allow students to check out books found to be obscene and would, instead, expose them to a misdemeanor of a “high and aggravated nature.”
As adult-learner programs proliferate, there’s a lack of consistent, reliable quality standards to inform job seekers and employers. States should move to organize and oversee this complex marketplace.
Oklahoma's state Senate has introduced legislation to reduce the red tape for experienced educators to move to Oklahoma and teach. But critics worry the law could work in reverse, sending teachers out of state.
More of them are quitting over student behavior than for any other reason. Levels of student misbehavior are rising, but time-tested practices can help teachers minimize classroom chaos.
The declines were concentrated among kindergarten students and in schools that offered only remote instruction. An expert explains where they went and why it matters.