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An outdoor death is defined as a person found dead outside with no fixed address. The deaths occurred in April and are the highest number of outdoor deaths in Anchorage for any single month since the beginning of 2017.
The Alaska governor introduced two bills that would create a regulatory framework for geologic storage of carbon dioxide and for selling carbon offset credits, and could earn billions for the state. Many details are still unclear.
The bills and five proposed constitutional amendments cover a range of topics, including establishing Filipino American History Month, blocking low-level marijuana conviction records from public view and repealing ranked-choice voting.
A report from the University of Alaska Center for Economic Development found that, for the last seven years, the state has performed “at or near the bottom” in employment growth, unemployment, net migration and GDP.
“Final four voting” ensures that party primary voters aren’t the bosses anymore, changing incentives for campaigning and governing and knocking down barriers to compromise and cooperation.
Observers flagged several problems at rural polling places regarding adequate accommodations for Native language speakers that could disenfranchise minority voters and might violate the Voting Rights Act.
The state alleges both the Republican Governors Association and A Stronger Alaska, an independent expenditure group funded by the RGA, are illegally spending money to support Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s re-election.
A legislative audit of the state’s $290 million program found that the distribution rate of the funds was slower than predicted and a random sampling of grants found that 39 percent had at least one error while 13 percent were unallowable.
State officials hope to get a large chunk of the more than $65 billion that is available to improve broadband access across the nation through the infrastructure bill that was approved last year.
The bill signed into law on Thursday, July 28, allows that sexual assault can be considered a crime without physical force or threats, and reduces the maximum time allowed for rape kit processing.
Just months after the fundraising limits of $500 per individual were lifted, gubernatorial candidates from all parties have reported substantial, six-figure donations from wealthy supporters.
Staff shortages and a rush to distribute funds generated confusion and mistakes, resulting in unemployment benefit overpayments to thousands of Alabamians. Now, the state wants its money back.