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One of the hallmarks of effective homeless response is coordinated effort. Mayors met in Los Angeles, the nation's homeless capital, to figure out how they can work together to reduce the entrenched problem.
It's the only sanctuary city that has pointed to resettlement as the primary solution to put migrants on a path to self-sufficiency. But there are not enough case managers or landlords willing or able to rent to keep up with demand.
Pollution-control laws were never intended to block residential and transportation development. But that’s how they’re being misused all over the country.
Data-driven decisions, support from the state and a dedicated, collaborative team are helping Hennepin County get a handle on an intractable problem.
The city wants to suspend its 42-year-old right to shelter because of the strain the migrant crisis has put on city resources. But many are worried what suspending the policy will do to homelessness in the area.
Proposed legislation would ensure, regardless of a person’s housing status, equal access to public services, including rights to personal property, emergency medical care and moving freely in public spaces.
When a wildfire or storm strikes, the elderly die at twice or three times the rate of other age groups. There’s much that could be done to make them less vulnerable.
Many of our land-use policies have their roots in housing discrimination, and they continue to stand in the way of affordable and equitable housing. These policies need to change. Restricting single-family zoning is a place to start.
This year's commemoration recognizes the community's importance to the country’s future, as the source of more than three-quarters of new workers.
More than one-third of U.S. households are renters and the average national rent increased 18 percent between 2017 and 2022. Housing advocates and legislatures are working to provide renters more protections.
Woodbury University architecture students designed and constructed the 3D-printed home in just 15 months. Though the structure still needs some drywall, exterior features and landscaping, many are hopeful of what it could mean for the housing crisis.
A range of current and former bills are giving housing developers and local governments more options to reduce red tape for housing projects.
Nationally, heat was the underlying or contributing cause of about 1,670 deaths last year, making it the highest heat-related death rate in at least two decades. Substance use, the housing crisis and an aging population contribute to the problem.
A new report identified thousands of properties nationwide as physically suitable buildings to be converted into apartments, including more than 50 in Dallas-Fort Worth. But the typical conversion is only financially feasible in six cities.
Proposed legislation would give Atlanta Public Schools ownership of a 1.5-acre building parcel in exchange for a two-acre vacant property so that the city can develop housing and services for homeless residents.
State legislators have passed more than 700 new laws and a variety of notable or controversial laws will take effect this week, including policies surrounding transgender athletes, chaplains in schools and a tampon tax.