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Getting Her Hands Dirty: In The Arena with Assembly Member Serena DiMaso

Whether it is a devastating hurricane or global pandemic, Serena DiMaso will be there to lend a helping hand. From the front lines and Assembly floor, DiMaso is constantly working to strengthen and uplift her community.

Serena DiMaso, In the Arena

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Serena DiMaso has always been a person to help others. Whether it was volunteering for her local church, working in her local Parent Group Association, or rising through levels of public office, New Jersey Assembly Member Serena DiMaso has always dived right in. Her volunteerism and willingness to get her hands dirty, has given her a unique perspective on what it means to be a community, especially during times of crisis.

Growing up, by watching her parents’ generosity and kindness, she was taught to strive to be a better person and give back to her community. Now, DiMaso uses her position as Assembly member to ensure that feelings of community and love are still present even during times of social distancing. Being a “we” person versus an “I” person, DiMaso uses her bipartisan network at the National Foundation for Women Legislators to collaboratively build solutions instead of reinventing the wheel. Whether it is working through antiquated unemployment systems or ensuring that women in labor can have a support person with them, DiMaso is combating the sadness and separation of coronavirus with public policy. “In the end, it’s about doing what’s right for your constituents. That’s what’s important.”

But the coronavirus pandemic is not her first time in the arena. DiMaso had only been a county freeholder for nine months when Hurricane Sandy struck her community. Even though she was new to the job, her lifetime of helping others had taught her to “jump right in and help the people, whatever you have to do.”

After her community was devastated by the hurricane, DiMaso saw the entire state rally to build itself back up through acts of strength and resilience. She believes that this same strength and resilience will help New Jersey residents rebuild their community after the coronavirus pandemic. And DiMaso will be right there with them.

Join Serena DiMaso “In the Arena” to hear more about her lifelong career of helping others, the history of the term “freeholder” and New Jersey’s efforts to combat the coronavirus.

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