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What Would Happen if Texas Ends Voting on College Campuses?

A freshman lawmaker has proposed a bill that would end the use of college campuses as polling places during elections. In November, more than 18,500 early voting ballots were cast from college campuses in Tarrant County.

A bill prohibiting polling places on college and university campuses in Texas was filed Thursday, potentially impacting thousands of voters.
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(TNS) — A freshman Texas lawmaker is proposing that college campuses could no longer be used as voting places during elections.

Rep. Carrie Isaac, a Republican from Hays County south of Austin, filed the bill Thursday to prohibit polling places at higher education institutions in Texas. The legislation would bar county commissioners from designating voting sites at colleges or universities starting Sept. 1.

How Many North Texans Use Polling Places at Universities?

In November’s joint general and special election, over 18,500 early vote ballots were cast at higher education polling places in Tarrant County.

There were 3,525 early vote ballots cast on the University of Texas at Arlington campus in the November election, according to Tarrant County records.

A total of 14,990 early votes were cast across four Tarrant County College campuses in November.

Why Was The Voting Bill Filed?

Isaac is part of the Texas Freedom Caucus, which includes “increase election integrity” as one of its priorities.

The caucus lists the following goals to promote election integrity in the state:

  • Restore the felony penalty for voter fraud,
  • Establish alternative methods to prosecute voter fraud when progressive DAs refuse,
  • Strengthen the enforcement of election laws.

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