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Louisiana attorney general Jeff Landry is the clear favorite to succeed Gov. John Bel Edwards, but will he prevail? Meanwhile, there seems to be no end to redistricting fights as prominent cases continue in Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, New Mexico and New York.
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For the first time since 1885, the county’s Board of Supervisors may have more than just five members as the Board considers expanding its membership to better serve the region’s 10 million residents and a $712 billion economy.
At first the bill would protect outdoor workers on days with a heat index of 90 degrees, which has occurred about five and a half months out of every year since 1981. The updated version doesn’t kick in until the air temperature hits 95 degrees, a rare occurrence.
  • U.S. Sen. Mitt Romney, regarding the formalization of a Senate dress code after Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer moved to relax the unofficial dress code just days earlier. The SHORTS Act, introduced by Romney and Joe Manchin, requires business attire, specifying “a coat, tie and slacks or other long pants” for men; the resolution doesn’t say anything about women. Despite the seeming-frivolity of the resolution, Romney did highlight the bipartisan victory, saying that “what may not be a real big problem, but it’s an important thing and makes a difference to a lot of people.” (NPR — Sept. 28, 2023)