The Inequality of Urban Investments

A new study of Baltimore shows that private capital is more often spent in low-poverty places that don't need it as much.

As Airbnb Battles Cities Trying to Regulate It, One State Joins the Fight

A new law in Massachusetts aims to curb short-term rentals, which critics say are limiting the affordable housing stock and turning residential property into unregulated hotels.

Mayors: Immigration Reform Would Take a Day If We Were in Charge

The White House and Congress now have three weeks to agree on border security -- or the government could shut down again. A bipartisan group of border-state mayors wants more than a wall -- if at all.

• Mayors' Bipartisan Agenda

What's the 'Dutch Reach'? 2 U.S. States Adopt It to Save Cyclists' Lives

Changing the way Americans open their car doors can help prevent cyclist injuries and fatalities.