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Mattie Quinn

Staff Writer

Mattie covers all things health for Governing. A native of Arkansas, she graduated with her M.S. from Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism with a focus on public health reporting. Her work has been published in National Geographic, New York Magazine and The Atlantic.

Cold PB&Js for students who can’t pay? Some states are saying no.
Congress is promising to tackle them this year. Can it succeed where states haven't?
One county thinks so.
Community paramedicine is changing the way some places respond to health emergencies.
The influx comes at a time when the foster care system is scrambling to adjust to major federal changes.
In just three years, more than a dozen states have passed resolutions declaring pornography a public health crisis. The research is more complicated.
The policy failed another court test, this time in New Hampshire. Despite the rulings, other states are moving forward with work requirements.
The state is restoring the individual mandate and making an unprecedented effort to help the middle class afford health insurance.
Red-state voters supported it in the fall, but Republican lawmakers in other states are still hesitant.
The potential change in the federal poverty line would lower the number of people who qualify for social services by almost 1 million.