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Graham Vyse

Staff Writer

Graham Vyse is a staff writer at Governing. He was previously a staff writer at The New Republic, and his writing has appeared in Slate and Washingtonian. His first job in journalism was covering the District of Columbia for the Current Newspapers, where he appeared on “The Fix’s 2015 list of best state political reporters” in The Washington Post. A native of Rhode Island, he received his bachelor’s degree in political science and his master’s degree in journalism from American University. 

Some critics wonder if the new city gig is a legitimate use of government money. Denver thinks so.
"Park equity" gets a new focus as cities tackle inequality in all facets of public life.
The policy is already law in some states and cities, and has become a talking point for Democratic leaders and presidential candidates. But while it has helped lift some Americans out of poverty, it has cost others their jobs.
Three American cities have now banned the use of facial recognition technology in local government amid concerns it's inaccurate and biased.
There are more lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans politicians than ever before, but they only make up .1 percent of elected officials.
The West Virginia Senate passed a bill that would not only punish teachers for protesting but also includes a charter school provision they recently fought to defeat. The House could vote on it as early as Monday.
Census officials and immigration advocates warned Congress this week that untested technology and reduced federal resources could lead to vast undercounts.
The president left the meeting with congressional leaders after only three minutes, holding an infrastructure bill hostage unless the investigations into him end.
A wave of conservative states passed abortion bans this year, but the national backlash didn't come until Alabama's was signed into law.
California will be the first state where utilities charge more for power used during peak hours.