In New Governors’ Cabinets, Diversity Is a Priority

Ralph Northam and Phil Murphy, both recently sworn in, are already making history.

Gurbir Grewal

With Gas Taxes in Peril, More States Study Alternatives

The idea of charging drivers for the miles they drive instead of the gas they burn is not new. But states are still sorting out how it might work.

Work Requirements May Be Just the Beginning of Medicaid Changes Under Trump

States have requested to enact several other unprecedented policies. Kentucky on Friday reportedly became the first to get its waiver approved.

4 Health Programs (Other Than CHIP) That Congress Has Left in Limbo

Programs that aid the opioid epidemic, medically underserved areas and at-risk mothers and children also have uncertain futures.

How Many Lawmakers Does a Legislature Need?

California has the most people of any state, and yet it doesn't have the country's largest legislature. A ballot measure proposes to change that -- but it's complicated.

'When You Fire Up a Black Woman, She Doesn't Go to the Polls Alone'

Activist Glynda Carr discusses the growing political power of black women.

Voters walk through a polling station.

Trump's Voter Fraud Commission May Be Dead, But His Quest Continues

The president has shifted the commission's voter fraud investigation to the Department of Homeland Security. Some see that as a boon to the cause, while others say it could be problematic, especially for immigrants.

The #MeToo Effect Trickles Down the Public Workforce

As sexual harassment allegations take down powerful politicians, states and cities are revisiting their training and policies for the bureaucrats who have far less power but keep the government running.

Trump Drops Florida From Offshore Drilling Plan, and Other States Ask: What About Us?

The Trump administration's sudden reversal on Tuesday sparked a backlash among the other state leaders who have voiced opposition to the plan to drastically expand oil and gas drilling off their coasts.


Can We Keep Food Scraps Out of the Landfill?

Hardly any of it is being recycled now. But with California leading the way, there are signs of real progress.


Should Governments Measure People's Happiness?

Their citizens' sense of well-being may tell a lot about whether a community is thriving.


It's Time to Confront Our Coastal Elite Economy

Coastal cities have disproportionately thrived thanks to economic centralization. Yes, the marketplace is to blame, but so is federal policy.


1,000 days

Time that hundreds of residents outside Charlotte, N.C., have been using bottled water to drink, cook and bathe to avoid contaminated well water.


Cold-Weather Closures Expose Years of Underinvestment in Urban Schools

Thanks to a generation of underfunding, many big-city school districts now face deteriorating buildings and billions of dollars in maintenance needs.

In Voter Purging Case, Supreme Court Appears Divided

The justices heard arguments on Wednesday in an Ohio case about when it's legal to kick inactive voters off registration lists. It's part of a larger debate about voting rights that has been heightened by President Trump.

Cities May Be Facing a New Housing Crisis

As rents and demand for renting increase, millions of Americans are being evicted -- sometimes with only a few days' notice.

Drug Addicts Could Soon Get Their First Safe Haven in America

Supervised injection facilities, which only exist in other countries, encounter roadblocks everywhere they're proposed in the U.S. But as the opioid epidemic rages on, one might open this year.

States Undeterred by Reversal of Obama's Lenient Pot Policy

Jeff Sessions' announcement attracted bipartisan criticism. But some legal experts are skeptical of its impact, and several states have vowed to continue their marijuana markets or plans for one.

• MAP: States Where Marijuana Is Legal for Recreational and Medicinal Use

China's Foreign-Waste Ban Could Have Recycling Repercussions in America

Starting this month, the country's new policy will likely send more recyclable materials to the landfill. But many environmentalists also see it as a golden opportunity.

How Automation Could Impact the Public Workforce

New studies shed light on the job security of certain government jobs in an increasingly digital age.

The Biggest Issues for States to Watch in 2018

Even though it's an election year, these policies and problems are too important and timely for legislatures to ignore.

Redistricting Cases Could Redefine State and U.S. Politics in 2018

More than a dozen cases on partisan and racial gerrymandering are winding their way through the court system. Two cases, in particular, could become two of the most important this decade.