Why Trump's 'Sanctuary Cities' Policy Is Likely to Lose in Court

But even if courts block the Trump administration from defunding cities sympathetic to immigrants, Congress could still carry out the White House's wishes.

• Appeals Court Lets Texas Enforce More Parts of 'Sanctuary Cities' Ban

The Upcoming Supreme Court Cases That Matter Most to States and Localities

In the term that starts Oct. 2, the justices will hear cases that could drastically alter the country's political, financial and social landscape.

Study Supports Bills to Give the Poor and Childless Bigger Tax Breaks

The tax system isn't set up to help low-income people as much if they don't have children. There's a push in Congress and the states to change that.

Population Growth Means a City Is Thriving, or Does It?

Public officials and reporters alike adopt the myth that bigger is better. That’s not always the case.

As Disasters Grow More Frequent, How Should States and Cities Prepare?

While Texas and Florida recover from hurricanes, other communities are looking at what they can do to prepare for flooding and other disasters. We talked to an expert in disaster planning to get her advice.


The Right Kind of Transit for 'In-Between' Cities

Seattle offers a case study on whether cities can gain population without gaining traffic.

As Protests Escalate Under Trump, States Seek New Ways to Deter Them

Stricter rules and penalties for protesting are being considered in nearly half the states.


Municipal Waste and the Benefits of Re-Use

What's going on in Baltimore shows how cities can profit both economically and socially from giving reusable materials a second life.

The Next Big Technology to Transform Government

It's called blockchain. Some say it will have a bigger impact than the internet.

5 Obamacare Changes States Want, Ranked From Most to Least Likely to Pass

Although many governors oppose the latest repeal bill, it has some of what they've asked for.


How the ‘Theory of Constraints’ Applies to Government

The management paradigm could help rebuild our sense of community.


Popcorn, Milk Duds and a Double Scotch, Please

Hoping to wring more profits out of moviegoers, theaters are asking cities for permission to serve alcohol. Despite some strong pushback, they're mostly getting their way.


12 hours

Amount of time will be shut down on every Sunday but one during open enrollment for maintenance. Critics have accused the Trump administration of intentionally making it harder for the Affordable Care Act to succeed by also shortening the enrollment period and cutting funding for advertising and navigators, people who help others buy ACA insurance.


Drinking Water Isn't Safe for Millions of Americans. It's Up to States to Fix.

A new report documents what environmental advocates say has been happening for decades: The federal government fails to protect Americans from potentially cancer-causing chemicals. And they have little hope that will change anytime soon.

An HR Expert's Dos and Donts of Managing

Sometimes you have to be the bad cop. Throwing out stereotypes about millennials is a good idea, too.

Is Connecticut to Blame for Hartford's Looming Bankruptcy?

The state's way of governing may be causing some of its capital city's financial problems.


Intelligent Automation’s Untapped Potential for Government

Bots and cognitive systems can automate repetitive, routine tasks, freeing humans for more creative work.

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Thriving Environment, Thriving Community

Fresh air, clean water and open spaces are fundamental pillars of a healthy community.

After 2016 Election Hacks, Some States Return to Paper Ballots

It's one of the ways states are trying to address growing concerns about the cybersecurity of voting.

• Top State Officials Join Bipartisan Fight Against Election Hacking

To Wipe Out Corruption, Look to Philadelphia

The city went almost a decade without a single corruption scandal. What's its secret?

The Key to Winning Down-Ballot Races

A hint: In states, it all starts with the top of the ticket.


Stadium Shutout

Local governments are no longer as willing to take on the risky business of building a ballpark.

Incomes Are Rising in Most States, Yet Inequality Isn't Improving

The nation's median household income rose 2.4 percent last year, with significant increases in 30 states.