Chris Gregoire on the "Bloodsport" of Politics

In a new podcast interview, the former two-term Washington governor says the lack of women in public office is her "biggest pet peeve."

The Paradox of Progress Underscores Atlanta Mayor’s Race

Things are looking up right now in the city. Well, at least part of it. That inequality will impact the city’s upcoming election and be the biggest issue facing its next leader.

Maine's Medicaid Vote a Test of Obamacare Support

If passed, the state would become the 33rd to expand Medicaid and signal support for Obamacare at a time when President Trump is taking major steps to reverse it.

Will Ohio Voters Enshrine Crime Victims' Rights in State Constitution?

Voters in three states approved similar ballot measures last year, but critics say it's unnecessary and could gum up the criminal justice system.

Despite Trump's Health-Care Changes, He's Keeping Obama's Opioid Strategy

With no end to the epidemic in sight, the feds are helping some states treat more addicts.

Beale Street at night in Memphis

For Procurement Reform, Cities See Value in Learning What's Worked Elsewhere

Lots of cities want to increase their outreach to women- and minority-owned businesses. Often, that means taking a look at the best programs in other jurisdictions.

As Towns Ban Pot, States Withhold Legalization's Profits

Massachusetts is deciding whether to keep marijuana tax revenue from anti-pot municipalities, stirring a debate that some states have already settled and others may face in the future.

Consolidation Makes Sense, Yet Few Cities Have the Urge to Merge

It's an issue that's playing out right now in St. Louis County.

Democrats Have Reasons to Worry About the November Elections

The party will likely gain power in New Jersey next month, but holding onto the governor's office in Virginia is proving more challenging.

New Movie Spotlights the 'Hidden Homeless' and Already Has Oscar Buzz

It's rare to see a film featuring homeless people as main characters. "The Florida Project" focuses on the ones that few people notice.

Nowhere Else to Go: Why Kids Are Sleeping in Child Welfare Offices

The rising number of placements into state care is only partially to blame.



Number of buildings destroyed by wildfires in California in the past week. One blaze alone, the Tubbs fire, has incinerated more than 5,100 structures, making it the single most destructive fire in state history.


Why Neighborhood Nicknames Matter

They can have a big impact on economic fortunes and social cohesion, which explains the controversy that often surrounds them.

The Fight to Fix America's Broken Bail System

Jails are filled with low-risk offenders awaiting court dates. There's bipartisan support to change that, so why is it still hard to get anything done?

California Leads Push to Lower Drug Prices

The state passed the nation's most comprehensive law to make drug prices more transparent. It has also inspired other states to take on the pharmaceutical companies in November.

A Month After Hurricane Irma, Florida Cities Are Still Struggling to Clean Up

Local governments and private contractors can't find enough people and equipment to haul away debris.

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Thriving Environment, Thriving Community

Fresh air, clean water and open spaces are fundamental pillars of a healthy community.


How Technology Can Help Police Departments Address Racial Bias and Be More Effective

Institutionalized racism can result in misdirected resources that do little to solve serious crimes.


3 Events That Shaped Modern Federalism

Over a generation, there’s been a sea change in the way cities, states and the feds deal with each other.

After Hurricanes, Public Housing May Never Get Rebuilt

When destroyed by disaster, public housing has historically taken years to be replaced -- if at all. What happens to low-income residents in the meantime?

Columbus Day? In More Than 50 Cities, It's Indigenous Peoples Day.

What started as a fringe movement has gained steam in recent years.

Should Public Schools Teach Kids How to Interact With Police?

States are starting to require it. Ironically, police advocates and groups like Black Lives Matter agree that the new laws are problematic.