Management & Labor

Why Some Government Managers Make Less Than Their Employees

This form of pay inequity, referred to as salary inversion, is making it difficult to fill supervisor positions in the public sector.

black man in holding a paycheck

Where 'Bring Your Baby to Work Day' Can Be Every Day

A growing number of state agencies -- mostly in places with no paid family leave -- are letting public employees bring their infants to the office.

Senate Bill Would Stop States From Punishing People at Work for Missed Student Loans

Some states can revoke your job license if you fall behind. Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Republican Sen. Marco Rubio introduced legislation that would outlaw that practice.

Corporate Tax Deals May Be Public, But What Happens Next Is Often Secret

New research shows that it's not rare for companies to lower their job promises after accepting tax incentives from the government.

• Some Lawmakers Seek Multistate Ban on Corporate Tax Breaks