Management & Labor

States Worry About the Downside of Low Unemployment

Is the strong job market hiding a growing skills gap?

The Key to Predicting the Next Teacher Strike

A new study confirms that the less teachers are paid, the more likely they are to protest. Only a few of the lowest-paid districts have yet to see a strike.

• Despite Teachers' Strike Success, Their Schools Are Still Funded Less Than a Decade Ago

Arizona Becomes the First to Recognize Out-of-State Job Licenses

Gov. Doug Ducey signed a bill that makes it easier for people to move there by letting them automatically transfer their occupational licenses from other states.

The Economy Is Growing, But Many People Aren't Feeling the Benefits

Median earnings, poverty and employment rates have stagnated, and racial gaps have worsened, according to a new Brookings report. Five cities, however, are bucking these trends.