Management & Labor

Are Public Employees Safe at Work?

Whether it's violence like the Virginia Beach shooting at a municipal building, or danger due to the nature of the job, government workers lack health and safety protections in nearly half the states.

Memorial in front of police tape and building with parking lot.

To Find More 'Good Cops,' a Few Big Cities Change Their Hiring Process

They're putting more emphasis on applicants' emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills.

In the State Where Teacher Strikes Started, Lawmakers Aim to Prevent More

The West Virginia Senate passed a bill that would not only punish teachers for protesting but also includes a charter school provision they recently fought to defeat. The House could vote on it as early as Monday.

The Baltimore Cyberattack Highlights Hackers' New Tactics

Ransomware attacks are becoming more sophisticated and taking longer for governments to recover from. Some of Baltimore's services have been down for nearly a month.