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“Staying small is important to me,” says one of the microschool’s founders. “I value the small classes and the strong sense of community here. Everybody knows each other.”
Gov. Greg Gianforte vetoed a bill would have moved more than 200 people off waiting lists for government-supported care and saved the state money by accessing more federal Medicaid money to cover their costs.
Inadequate housing stock is causing problems across the country. Local zoning is part of the problem. State-level reforms in two western states may point to the answer.
The plan gained national renown among employers and health care price reform advocates when it established maximum amounts the health plan would pay for all inpatient and outpatient services.
This large and largely unpopulated western state with a rich history is pioneering a new future by setting aside several million acres of public and private land to serve as natural habitat for returning bison and other displaced animals.