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Gov. Maura Healey announced on Monday, Sept. 18, that the state will ban the purchase of single-use plastics by state agencies with an executive order that will be effective immediately upon issue.
The state implemented its confidential hotline in hopes to combat misinformation and confusion about abortion bans and restrictions. More than 150 lawyers will provide free legal advice.
State Sen. Barry Finegold used the artificial technology software to draft a bill that would regulate generative AI models and would require companies to obtain “informed consent” from individuals before using, collecting or disclosing their data.
After taking a tour of the MBTA’s Repair Facility in Everett, Mass., Maura Healey reinforced the need for future investment, including in vocational schools and programs to create a talent pipeline.
The ballot proposals include a tax on millionaires in Massachusetts, bus system improvements in the Detroit region and a penny sales tax in Orange County, Fla.
Residents will receive nearly $3 billion in excess revenues next month, with the bottom 20 percent of earners receiving an average credit of just $9; the average rebate amount is about $530.
Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey’s seventh annual Labor Day report revealed that the Fair Labor Division ordered employers to pay $7.5 million in restitution and $4.2 million in penalties on behalf of employees.
Gov. Charlie Baker signed sports wagering legislation into law on Aug. 10 but its ban on wagers for in-state schools will likely leave money on the table for the state.
The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is scrambling to address acute safety and operational challenges while anticipating a long-term funding crisis. What happens in Boston could have lessons for other big-city transit systems.
A proposal to provide middle-income residents with stimulus checks of $250 failed to pass the state’s Legislature. But House Speaker Ronald Mariano is determined that tax relief is “going to happen” this year.
Two states are leading the way in training and accountability guidance and policies aiming to prevent tragedy and trauma. Arrest should be viewed as the least desirable outcome.
The legislation, which responds to the Supreme Court ruling last month that struck down a New York gun control law, prohibits a person from receiving a license to carry a firearm if there is reliable or credible risk of public safety.
A new study found that key goods, such as gasoline, used vehicles and natural gas prices, were impacted more by inflation in the Boston metropolitan area than the rest of the nation. Inflation in the state has hit a 40-year high.
The bill includes $250 one-time rebates and tax breaks for families, seniors and low-income households to help residents offset rising inflation costs. But the Senate and House must find compromise before the session ends on July 31.