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Ohio voters approved an abortion rights measure while Virginia Democrats won control of the legislature, guaranteeing rights there will be preserved.
Daniel Cameron was supposed to have the Republican nomination all sewn up at this point, but he, instead, finds himself under attack. Meanwhile, Oklahoma's legislating grinds to a halt and the motivating power of hatred.
Black Americans are still being incarcerated at nearly five times the rate of whites. There’s much that state lawmakers can do to reduce inequities and make legal processes fairer.
The Republican-dominated state Assembly has quickly overridden Gov. Andy Beshear’s veto on a bill that would ban gender-affirming care for trans youth. The override passed with a 29-8 vote; just one Republican voted against.
The legislation that awaits Gov. Beshear’s signature would increase the starting pay of security workers at juvenile detention centers, with the hopes of retaining staff, and require better mental health services for the youths.
Supporters of the so-called ‘skill games’ say they bring in significant revenue for convenience stores and other establishments that host the machines, while opponents argue they could harm the state’s horse industry.
The state’s constitutional Amendment No. 2 will ask voters if they want to clarify that there is no protected right to abortion. If passed, it would eliminate any legal path to challenge the constitution.
The state has cut unemployment insurance benefits almost in half; removed prevailing wage protections and reduced guaranteed retirement benefits for public school teachers hired this year.
The Republican secretary of state claims that the biggest threat to the state’s elections is not fraud, but the people who are claiming election fraud exists and the danger that those conspiracy theories create.