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School officials in both Meridian and Nampa, Idaho, have seen their students increasingly use artificial intelligence in their work, which has prompted some school districts to create a task force to propose new policies.
Depending on what class of e-bike or e-scooter it is, the vehicle may or may not be allowed in the city’s bike lanes or sidewalks. Class 3 e-bikes are not allowed on any city sidewalks, crosswalks, bike lanes or the Greenbelt.
While the state’s two proposed bills targeting libraries and librarians failed, the effort to address what books libraries may stock and lend will appear in the next legislative session. Many of these bans target LGBTQ+ themes.
A $1.2 million study found that the state should offer 4 percent merit-based raises to make salaries more competitive. Instead, lawmakers approved select raises, including an 11 percent increase for Raúl Labrador’s office.
Nearly a dozen counties in Oregon have voted to leave Salem behind and join Idaho. Local secession movements have sprung up in multiple states due to the urban-rural political divide.
G. Richard Bevan asked state lawmakers to give pay raises to judges, which were the only class of state employees that did not receive increases this year, and to protect their security amid a perilous political climate.
Idaho employs an average of 53,000 farmers annually, but the state only has 274 homes subsidized by the federal government for farmworkers. The state is looking for ways to build more farmworker housing.
Reports of ransomware attacks and phishing emails have grown across the state, with victims paying millions of dollars to online scammers. The FBI says one of the best ways to fight cyber crime is keeping systems updated.