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The state’s new maps added more majority-Black districts but added them to areas that already had Black representation and whitewashed or combined other districts, leading to maps that offer little chance of partisan competition.
Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has approved the new version of the voting equipment’s software to be implemented and piloted in municipal elections in five counties. The upgrade is intended to prevent potential malware and hacks.
State election officials have warned that eliminating ballot bar codes, adding ballot verification technology and installing voting machine upgrades would not be ready for the 2024 election.
The state has more than 18,000 transmission lines that move power from a myriad of energy sources. But, as the state transitions away from fossil fuels, the existing infrastructure is inadequate.
Many sites across the state that were important during the modern civil rights movement have met the 50-year threshold for historic consideration in recent years, but finding the money to save the crumbling buildings is a challenge.
Proposed legislation would give Atlanta Public Schools ownership of a 1.5-acre building parcel in exchange for a two-acre vacant property so that the city can develop housing and services for homeless residents.
Despite the former president’s claims, data shows violent crime is down more than 20 percent across the city and for the first time in four years homicides were down amid efforts to curb deadly violence.
Spalding County’s election board voted last month to require a manual tally before results are certified, but experts are concerned about the accuracy and efficiency of a hand count.
The federal agency found Alabama’s program of managing its own coal ash is “significantly” less protective than what the federal rules require. For many the decision is evidence that other states, like Georgia, need to adjust their plans.
State officials are considering the development of hydrogen fueling stations across the state with a potential focus on a 23-mile stretch near Savannah. The cost of the proposed hydrogen fueling network is not yet known.
Georgia is just one of 19 states that have laws regarding the disconnect of customer power in summer months. No company in the state may shut off power in the extreme heat or when temperature falls below 32 degrees.
Liliana Bakhtiari, the state’s first queer Muslim to serve in public office, introduced legislation that asks the city police department to prioritize criminal cases under the law at the “lowest possible level” and avoid any investigations of reported cases.
Attorneys of outgoing chairman of the state’s GOP David Shafer argue that an “act of statesmanship” in Hawaii in 1960 is justification for Shafer’s 2020 decision to convene a meeting of “alternate” electors in favor of Donald Trump.
During the last legislative session, state lawmakers passed a measure that will require all school systems to adopt teaching materials that emphasize phonics, but critics worry that politicians are making laws about topics they know little about.
A lawsuit forced the EPA to close a loophole that exposes communities near coal plants and other facilities to harmful pollutants. Georgia is finally submitting a plan to fix the issue, six years after it was due.
While most wealth gaps are part of entrenched racial disparities from generations ago, employee-owned co-ops, like the Atlanta-based Pecan Milk Cooperative, allow employees to build assets within their work.