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A new study has suggested that things could get worse for Florida and other states that are hammered by natural disasters because of a double whammy of rising rates and risks that could result in spiraling decline in demand and property values.
Second Judicial Circuit Judge J. Lee Marsh rebuffed Gov. Ron DeSantis’ claim that mandatory protections for Black voters violated the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution, which could pave the way for Democrats.
The tree canopy coverage in the Florida city is at its lowest in 26 years, which, when coupled with increasingly warm summers, can make for deadly heat conditions, especially in lower-income neighborhoods.
The Florida county’s State Attorney’s office declined to formally investigate former Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie and two other former administrators for attempting to hide a massive March 2021 ransomware attack from the public.
Volunteer Florida reported that $32.5 million of the money was awarded in grants to groups such as the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army. Another $4 million was set aside for a small-business recovery program.
Heat indexes in Orlando have surpassed 100 degrees 32 times so far this year, making this year especially dangerous for unhoused residents. There has been a 75 percent increase in unsheltered people in Central Florida since 2019.
A buoy in Manatee Bay recorded water temperatures of 101.6 degrees on Monday, possibly the hottest sea surface temperature ever recorded, prompting scientists to transplant coral to temperature-controlled tanks.
County administrators realized too late that they needed to renew the local gas tax for another 30 years. Once the current law expires on Aug. 31 the tax won’t be renewed until Jan. 1, costing the county about $18 million.
The $277 million bill would have required all state and local governments, colleges and universities to buy vehicles based on their lowest lifetime costs. Current law requires such purchases to be based on fuel efficiency.
Some worry that the state’s new “sprawl bill” could negatively impact affordable housing, conservation efforts and hurricane evacuation routes by requiring citizens to pay for legal challenges against local governments and developers.
The expansion of the Deferred Retirement Option Program will allow career government workers and educators to draw pensions while continuing to work for eight to 10 years but will cost the state an additional $350 million annually.
The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that Alabama’s congressional map was a violation of the Voting Rights Act, and plaintiffs in two Florida court cases are optimistic that the ruling will set a precedent.
A state ethics complaint and a state elections complaint have been filed against the Florida governor for using state official business to advance his political aspirations. But DeSantis isn’t the first to blur the political and campaign lines.
Dishonest agents and brokers who are seeking to earn a sales commission are registering homeless people for zero-premium plans, which often don’t cover copays, deductibles or other expenses that are unaffordable to low-income residents.
The legislation may force out workers without legal residency due to increased fines and felony charges. Within Florida, 37 percent of workers in agriculture, 23 percent in construction and 14 percent in service jobs are immigrants.
California leaders have threatened to prosecute Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for kidnapping after he sent Latin American migrants to Sacramento. But experts believe the allegations aren’t a basis for a criminal case.