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Under Gov. Ron DeSantis, Florida has one of the highest rates of uninsured residents in the country and it continues to reject federal Obamacare money to insure more low-income residents.
Some parts of Fort Lauderdale saw 2 feet of rainfall in a single day, which is more than any city is built to withstand. It’s likely extreme weather cases will become more frequent with climate change.
The two former Pinellas County educators have challenged seven books, including The Bible and “Danny and the Dinosaur,” in an effort to “highlight the slippery slope” of removing books in response to parental complaints.
The category 5 storm was the costliest hurricane in Florida history, causing $112.9 billion in damage and 66 direct deaths. Many residents cut their losses and left, but for those who remain, recovery is slow and ongoing.
Some conservatives want to rein in journalists’ protections established long ago by the Supreme Court. That would be a blow to the news coverage that aims to keep state and local governments accountable.
For many years, Latinas in the U.S. have voted at higher rates than men. But in 2020, more than 2.7 million eligible Latina citizens were not registered. Poder Latinx hopes to bolster Latina power and women’s political presence.
A new law that will go into effect on July 1 will allow permitless concealed carry, which means no training will be required. Many instructors hope that gun owners will seek training anyway.
The state’s Community Affairs Committee approved a bill that would allow people to file lawsuits if they believe they have “lost history” or the ability to teach about the past because of a monument’s removal or damage.
The state's lawmakers adopted a broad-based package of housing reforms in a fast-moving legislative session. But a provision that bans local rent control has angered tenant advocates.
There were 17.9 million drivers in the state as of February, but as of March 9, the state’s digital driver’s license app had been downloaded 154,631 times. The state contractor has been paid nearly all of the $1.8 million contract.
The state-run company Citizens has warned it may impose a “hurricane tax” this year if another big, expensive storm, or a series of little ones, hit the state. The company now insures 1.2 million homeowners, a 50 percent increase.
The new $20 million bridge is similar to the Florida International University pedestrian bridge that collapsed in 2018 and killed six people. Officials are confident that critical design changes will prevent another catastrophe.
The Department of Children and Families has suffered from high turnover and vacancy rates for years but will soon take on the child protection investigations in the seven remaining counties the agency doesn’t already oversee.
Lots of other Republican governors and senators hoped to be the one who could take down Donald Trump. At this early stage, DeSantis has the best shot, thanks to his ability to frame hot-button issues and attract media attention.
The newly established election crimes office doesn’t have the authority to charge the defendant, according to an Orange County judge, who dismissed the case. But a passed bill may change that legal precedent.
Last week, the Florida Board of Osteopathic Medicine banned minors from utilizing puberty-blocking hormones and gender-affirming treatments, even in clinical trials. The rule must be filed to take effect.