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Ethics Commissioner Freddie Figgers didn’t submit his 2021 financial disclosure statement until the day after Gov. Ron DeSantis appointed him to the Ethics Commission. The commission voted 4-1 to waive the $1,500 fine.
Democrats hope an abortion measure gives Biden a chance, but the Sunshine State remains pretty red. The outcome of the presidential race, meanwhile, may turn on a vote in Nebraska.
State Road 516 will be equipped to recharge batteries of electric cars and trucks as they drive along the toll expressway. Although it will be less than five miles long, the road will cost nearly $550 million.
The governor’s office helped write legislation that will ban offshore wind turbines in state waters and will delete the majority of references to climate change found in state law, according to email records.
Earlier this month, bitcoin’s value rose to an all-time high of more than $73,000. The cryptocurrency has had a highly variable performance in the market, but Miami continues to embrace it.
What started as a $200,000 renovation to Fair Oaks Park has ballooned into a multimillion-dollar project. The total estimated cost will triple the city’s record for spending on a park.
Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco and Hernando counties produced 31.7 million metric tons of carbon dioxide-equivalent in 2021. The energy industry produced 45 percent of the region’s emissions, with transportation close behind.
Canceling the presidential primary cost Florida Democrats in local races. In Ohio, it looks like Jason Stephens will survive as state House speaker after contested primaries.
The legislation would require a person to have “personal knowledge or information other than hearsay” to file a complaint with the state’s Commission on Ethics. It would also bar local ethics commissions from self-initiating investigations.
It’s not only because of increasingly common and costly natural disasters. Can other states learn from Florida’s experiences and its lawmakers’ efforts to cope with the problem?
Two political leaders are backing a congressional bill that would lower the cost of homeowner property insurance by about a quarter. In 2023, Florida homes cost three times the national average to insure.
A total of 10 corporate investment companies own approximately 20 percent of single-family rentals in Pinellas and Hillsborough counties. Eight of the companies have eviction rates far outpacing the county’s average.
State efforts to restrict kids' social media use have been held up in court. But lawmakers remain concerned about apps and the Internet contributing to mental health challenges.
Miami-Dade introduced a first-of-its-kind policy that would require employers to provide water, rest and shade to outdoor workers on hot days. The Legislature quickly sought to pre-empt such rules.
Legislators are supporting a bill that would prohibit county and municipal governments from accepting IDs or documents provided to undocumented individuals by community programs.
The Florida governor vetoed legislation that would have banned all children under 16 from using social media. He instead opted for a bill that will allow 14- and 15-year-olds to use the platforms with parental consent.