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For approximately 3,000 yellow taxi medallion owners, the city will clear thousands of dollars of debt in an effort to revitalize the industry that was devastated by COVID-19. Those eligible have until Friday to enroll in the loan reduction program.
A recent poll found that for 69 percent of likely voters, cost of living, jobs and the economy combined to rank as the highest-priority issue for the upcoming election, with 87 percent ranking cost of living and the economy as the two most important.
We focus on people leaving cities, but we tend to ignore where they came from and what they take with them.
For decades, superstar cities could thrive and grow despite high taxes, expensive housing and poor policy choices. The pandemic’s surge in remote work has changed that for good. Governance matters more than ever.
Nearly every county in South Florida is experiencing job growth; Fort Lauderdale metro area had a jobless rate of 2.8 percent in August and Palm Beach County was at 2.9 percent. But inflation still threatens to upturn the market.
A legislative audit of the state’s $290 million program found that the distribution rate of the funds was slower than predicted and a random sampling of grants found that 39 percent had at least one error while 13 percent were unallowable.
Mayor Eric Adams will spend the city money to connect 3,000 high school students with multiyear, paid apprenticeships at large finance and tech firms at a time when 8.3 percent of city government jobs are vacant.
The tax credit would give an incentive for people to enter into the workforce by supplementing their wages with a break on income tax, a credit that would eventually go away as the worker makes more money and stays in the workforce longer.
While the entire nation is struggling amid a worker shortage, Maine’s aging workforce presents unique challenges. Workers that may have previously been overlooked are now being sought out and trained to fill labor gaps.
Some civic leaders in Morrow County have crafted a lurcative deal that gives the e-commerce giant tax fiber-optic services along with tax breaks worth nearly $50 million a year.
Despite surviving several COVID-related challenges, some businesses are closing due to monthly rent increases, landlord disputes and hiring difficulties. Only about 65 percent of small businesses are currently profitable.
The Maine Technology Asset Fund, a state-funded $45 million business development program, which has produced little public information, helps protect taxpayer investments, experts say.
New research found that improving gender equity across the state would increase the state’s income by $15.4 billion and would create 59,000 new jobs. Women earn less than men in every county except Greene.
The voter-approved Maine Technology Asset Fund awarded private companies with grants to help create new jobs and boost the state’s economy. But after five years, it’s unclear how impactful the investments have actually been.
Justice Unites Us will focus on the state’s Orange County congressional races with hopes of leveraging small business hubs to increase support for Democratic candidates.
Georgia has committed billions in incentives to electric vehicle and battery manufacturing companies for building factories across the state. The law is expected to stimulate investments that give consumers more choices.