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Office workers’ exodus should be countered with wiser state and federal tax incentives, and there’s a novel municipal bond angle to promote. But cities themselves must step up to stem the urban maladies that feed public fears.
The city attorney’s office has said that removing the residents’ amortization rights could save millions of dollars, but advocates want to maintain their right to petition in case officials fail to assist with the initiation process.
As schools across the nation eliminate their librarian positions, many are worried that, without them, students will experience a loss in a variety of skills, from basic literacy and research practices to career readiness.
The growing green economy is creating millions of jobs, but demand is outpacing the number of workers prepared to fill them. Promising new programs provide an opportunity to create a more equitable workforce.
The California High-Speed Rail Authority’s station is still in the design phase, but city officials are hopeful that the multimodal transportation hub will help to revitalize the struggling downtown neighborhoods.
Proposition 4 could usher in a bevy of property tax changes for homeowners and businesses. If passed, the measure includes using $12.7 billion from a record state budget surplus to lower school district taxes. Unanswered is the proposition’s affordability.
If approved, the new program would offer small, no-interest loans to civilian federal employees who work in Maryland but are not otherwise eligible for unemployment insurance payments.
The artificial intelligence will connect business owners and entrepreneurs with information from 2,000 city web pages. The launch is part of an effort to better incorporate new technology into everyday government.
Pandemic-era federal money is gone, yet problems remain.
A new report, using new, more granular data sets, compares the recovery of 26 downtowns. Those with a mix of land uses, jobs and residents are faring the best, it says.
There is a lot governments could do to give more people ways to serve their communities, benefiting themselves while addressing civic challenges. Public service is an antidote for disunity.
The state’s jobless rate is at 3.6 percent, which is lower than the national rate, but there are 90,000 unfilled jobs across several industries. The state is attempting to attract workers with education and job training.
The New York school district’s after-school instruction faces a teacher shortage two weeks before its scheduled start date. The majority of the program has been funded through American Rescue Plan dollars, which will expire by Sept. 2024.
North Carolina, where cities large and small are creating open-container “social districts,” is about to find out.
The city’s pilot program will start this month to help day workers register for work, receive skills training and help ensure that workers get paid accurately by contractors when the job is finished.
This year's commemoration recognizes the community's importance to the country’s future, as the source of more than three-quarters of new workers.