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An audit of the county’s new system found lax oversight of raises and more than $3 million in overpayments to employees, which could take decades to fully reimburse.
The Department of Higher Education waited eight weeks to notify the attorney general’s office of a data breach that affected thousands of personal records from the last two decades, despite state law requiring a 30-day notice.
A coalition of six nonpartisan voting rights groups sent a letter to California Secretary of State Shirley Weber calling upon her office to monitor the elections in Shasta County due to concerns about safety and misinformation.
There have been 33 school shootings in 2023 that resulted in injuries or deaths. Many school officials are using COVID-19 funds to purchase security equipment. But the tools may not always be as beneficial as they seem.
Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has approved the new version of the voting equipment’s software to be implemented and piloted in municipal elections in five counties. The upgrade is intended to prevent potential malware and hacks.
The agency’s staff has had to investigate and correct almost 19,000 errors in court records transmitted to the DMV since four counties began piloting the eCourts system. DMV Commissioner Wayne Goodwin is worried about the Oct. 9 rollout.
City officials will disclose more information regarding the April data breach in which hackers accessed personal information of at least 30,000 people. Officials have waited until the report was finalized to share details of the cyber attack.
A federal judge who experienced the unthinkable is advocating for laws that restrict access to personal information about state and local judges.
The Florida county’s State Attorney’s office declined to formally investigate former Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie and two other former administrators for attempting to hide a massive March 2021 ransomware attack from the public.
They are intended to stop victims from paying cyber criminals and cut off lucrative profit streams bring plenty of practical difficulties and risks that attackers will redouble focus on the most vulnerable entities.
A new poll found that nearly one-third of Americans said the dewormer ivermectin was definitely or probably an effective treatment for COVID-19. It’s not. The limited trust for the media and government had wide partisan gaps.
Some professors have decided to ban the use of generative artificial intelligence technology programs while others have worked to incorporate it into their curriculum. Now colleges are working to establish clear policies for the tech.
Many sites tied to the national mental health crisis hotline transmitted information on visitors through the Meta Pixel analytics tool despite promises of anonymity to their users.
The California city became one of the first to implement a strict set of guidelines for use of the artificial intelligence tool and clarified that ChatGPT is subject to the state’s Public Records Act.
City planning agencies and business improvement districts are increasingly relying on cellphone tracking data from groups like to understand how cities are changing.
The provision went into effect on July 1 and prohibits those attempting to sell consumer goods and services by phone and text from calling numbers on the list. But there are several exceptions to the law.