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In one town, police say products like Nextdoor and Ring are helping fight crime. But racism and vigilantism are pervasive on safety platforms.
With staffs stressed by the pandemic and threats growing, managed security service providers can bring up-to-date expertise to bear while helping governments hold down costs.
States are launching cyber navigator programs to help election officials protect their systems from cyber threats, by helping break down the highly technical skills of cybersecurity into practical next steps.
The White House, tech firms, insurers and educational organizations announced near-future steps to improve national cybersecurity, including new NIST guidelines and tech support for governments looking to upgrade defenses.
The Illinois county’s auditor’s office was phished into wiring $115,000 to a fraudulent bank account. Board members want those involved to resign, but no staffing changes have been made yet.
A police employee accidentally deleted 22 terabytes of case files when trying to migrate data between servers. Officials say they’re now working to recover what they can and prevent future issues.
Florida Digital Service is currently looking for its third chief information security officer in less than a year, and half of the 10-member response team positions are vacant. Lawmakers are worried about the state's cybersecurity.
The White House is making it clear: Protecting our critical systems from cyber attacks must involve every level of government as well as the private sector.
State and local governments are set to receive billions if the legislation passes, including funding to support cybersecurity, broadband, transit, roads, water and more. Here are the details.
After refusing to take cybersecurity training, Councilman Fred Richardson’s emails were shut down for two weeks, a situation he compared to Jim Crow-era discrimination. Richardson is also a mayoral candidate in the upcoming primary.