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Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a law on Sept. 27 that forbids California-based companies from giving out geolocation data, search histories and other personal information for out-of-state warrants, including those pertaining to abortions.
A new study from Nature Energy found that electric vehicle drivers should shift to charging their cars during the daytime, either at work or a public charging station, to reduce strain on the electric grid and infrastructure expansion needs.
The Nov. 8 election will elect four of the 7-member board for the area’s largest water provider, Santa Clara Valley Water District, which is one of Santa Clara County’s largest government agencies.
The legislation would provide $400 million worth of tax credits to reimburse a portion of union members’ dues payments starting in 2024; it’s not yet clear how much each member would be eligible to receive.
The state’s ban on the sale of new gasoline-powered cars by 2035 aims to significantly reduce its largest source of carbon emissions and air pollution. Looking at the state’s past climate initiatives may help determine if this plan will work.
The U.S. has dedicated $300 million to next-generation COVID testing; Gov. Gavin Newsom’s plan to punish doctors who spread COVID-19 misinformation is criticized; and the pandemic looms large over BART’s 50th anniversary.
Residents have received warnings in recent days to conserve energy usage to prevent outages as a record-setting heat wave engulfs the state. EV charging only accounts for about 0.4 percent of the overall energy load.
Proposed legislation would implement a federal standard to safeguard workers against hazardous conditions, including extreme heat, supplementing California’s guidelines. The bill currently only has Democratic support.
Rules that mandate excess parking in new development projects have added to the overlapping crises of housing affordability, urban sprawl and climate change, advocates say. California could soon bar cities from imposing them.
As historic floods beset several states, a new study finds that warming could make a California “megaflood” more dangerous, and likely, than previously thought.
The measure would loan California's electricity supplier Pacific Gas & Electric up to $1.4 billion to keep the Diablo Canyon plant open until 2030. It also makes $1 billion available to support clean energy projects.
Gov. Janet Mills and other clean-car advocates argue that obstacles, like cost and availability, can prevent widespread adoption of zero-emission vehicles and the state’s transition must not leave out rural and low-income residents.
San Francisco has a brand-new park overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and the bay. Its history is rooted in an attempt to make road traffic safer.
Car-Crazy Los Angeles now has more train and bus riders than the San Francisco Bay Area. As of June 2022, Los Angeles County has recovered 71 percent of its ridership compared to 55 percent in the Bay Area.
A group of Republican attorneys general have filed a lawsuit in hopes of preventing California from setting its own vehicle emissions standards, claiming the state’s rules could negatively impact other states down the road.
A recent poll found that 70 percent of California voters support a measure to amend the state’s constitution to include abortion rights protections. Some believe the abortion issue will drive voters to the polls come November.