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U.S. Senator Alex Padilla has proposed legislation that would provide individuals who worked as essential workers during the pandemic with a pathway for citizenship, though the bill does not provide any timeline for the plan.
From Chatsworth to Irvine, “not in my backyard” opposition to proposed homeless housing projects has grown in suburbs even as the areas become increasingly diverse and liberal.
Round Valley Indian Tribes of rural Northern California declared a state of emergency on April 16 after two brutal killings this spring and said the slayings highlight the urgent need for greater investment in youth services and programs.
Despite being a deeply blue state, the oil industry has a firm financial grip on California, making fossil fuel restrictions challenging as law making is swayed by the millions of dollars that the industry has pumped into lobbying.
Many of the systems are operating with outdated software, poor passwords and aging infrastructure that leave the state’s water systems at-risk to hackers, terrorist attacks and natural disasters.
New net metering rules have taken effect, giving solar owners a much worse deal than they had before on the excess power they sell back to the grid. The change could diminish the state's lead in small-scale solar electricity.
The state's public transit systems want $5.15 billion to avoid budget deficits and service cuts over the next half-decade. They’re expecting a tough fight.
Lord Mayor Sophie Hæstorp Andersen criticized the Danish-inspired town for not reflecting the “genuine warmth and acceptance of pride” in Denmark after Solvang banned pride-themed banners and painted over rainbow sidewalks.
Mayor Sheng Thao hopes that her proposed two-year budget will help fund the programs she promised to voters during her campaign while also merging city departments to eliminate redundancy and reduce overhead.
The city of Los Angeles uses a scoring system for subsidized housing gives Black and Latino people experiencing homelessness lower priority scores.
The California county’s Board of Supervisors meeting was full of angry attacks, recall threats and widespread disagreement as leaders must now figure out how to manage elections after deciding to sever its relationship with Dominion Voting Systems.
The legislative package is the nation’s first-of-its-kind and will eventually require train companies to swap out their dirtiest locomotives for zero-emission models. It will also limit train idling to no more than 30 minutes.
Orange County, sixth largest in the country by population, is home to the world’s largest wastewater recycling facility. Here's the water district’s path to a 100 percent recycling rate.
A state lawmaker has proposed legislation that would permanently extend the ban on willful defiance suspensions from middle and high schools across the state after 2025. But not all educators support the bill.
The U.S. Forest Service has used fire retardant for six decades, including about 14 million more gallons in 2021 than the 10-year average. Some experts wonder if retardant is effective, and safe, enough for continued use.
Many communities in the state’s San Joaquin Valley continue to struggle for water as a result of the ag industry’s overpumping of groundwater. Experts estimate that groundwater losses since 1961 have totaled 93 million acre-feet.