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2022 Midterm Elections

Top Election News and Analysis
The interstate voter registration center cross-checks information with other states’ databases to help identify voter fraud. But the secretary of state-elect will withdraw Alabama to protect personal data.
More than 10 percent of the incoming legislative class will be lesbian, gay or bisexual members, marking the proportionally most openly queer state legislature in U.S. history.
The Texas governor has called upon the secretary of state, attorney general and Texas Rangers to investigate delayed polling place openings, a shortage of paper ballots and understaffing during last week’s election.
With tens of millions of dollars flowing into high-court elections, Republicans did better in partisan races in two states, while Democrats held on to their majorities elsewhere.
The 26-year-old defeated Kim Rice, 52, and Rich Vial, 68, on Tuesday, making her the youngest-ever state senator ever elected in Oregon. She will represent Senate District 18.
The 2022 midterms were a record-breaking year for women candidates. Several states already have made history with electing their first-time female governor and some are yet to be decided as votes are still being tallied.
Workers have had a tough time of late, and ballot measures attempted to improve their situation — with some exceptions.
Governing's political correspondent Alan Greenblatt appeared on All Things Considered to discuss state legislative races.
Only 38.5 percent of residents cast ballots for Tuesday’s election, which reflects a declining interest in non-presidential elections across the state over the past two years. Even larger counties only saw about 40 percent participation.
A district court judge and the Texas Supreme Court issued opposing rulings that left many confused about voting rules. The Texas county’s election results could hinge on whether ballots cast after 7 p.m. will be included in the final tally.
Political divisions in America were on full display on Tuesday night. Early returns show strong support for reproductive choice, but mixed enthusiasm for legalizing recreational cannabis.
For many, fears about the election technology being the cause for concern have diminished. Now security experts worry about a physical assault on election systems, either an attack on the machines or people.
Five states have abortion-related questions on their ballots, the most ever, and gubernatorial and legislative races in six others will determine if abortion will be legal in those states.
Seven states have vacancies for the top office. In five, the winners are already assured. Two are women. Two are Republicans. Here’s what they’ll want to do once they’re in power.
The California city’s local Measure VY would allow 16- and 17-year-olds to vote in city and school board elections and goes before voters today. No other municipality in the country has the issue on its ballot.