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The Future of What’s Happening Now

As the summer months encourage people to take a vacation and get outside more, city officials predict that e-bike injuries from collisions, speeding and improper use are likely to increase.
Wisconsin’s largest city suffers from a soaring murder rate and serious budget problems. Cavalier Johnson, the first new mayor in nearly 20 years, can’t wait to turn the city around.
The California Coastal Commission denied approval to construct a $1.4 billion plant after 20 years of debate. Gov. Newsom supported the plans, but it wasn’t enough to overcome worries about water costs and environmental damage.
Counties and their public health officials have been on the front lines of the COVID pandemic, struggling amid white-hot politics that has weakened the nation’s response. Can we do better when the next pandemic strikes?
The Colorado River provides water and electricity to 40 million people in the western US, but falling water levels threaten both of those resources.
Approximately 33 percent of Americans age 65 who completed their initial vaccination round have not received a first booster shot. Some believe the stagnation could be due, in part, to federal vaccine distribution.
While the GOP struggles for its soul and debates MAGA versus RINO, Democrats are in disarray. Also, lawmakers who simply do not copy and paste legislation from other states are more likely to find success.
While Dr. Mehmet Oz and David McCormick have spent millions of dollars campaigning against each other, Barnette has, for two years, been building grass-roots support and establishing herself as a MAGA movement star.
The state has been under total Democratic control for four years, but a tumultuous two years with law enforcement, workforce development and the pandemic has some predicting that Republicans could regain control in November.
As the nation approaches a grim milestone, public and political will to do much about the disease has faded. But absent health measures, the devastation could have been far worse.
Local governments and transit agencies are going to have to come up with matching funds, and to boost revenues, they’ll need to find ways to bring riders back. That will require some bold decisions.
Questions about the Republican Registration Coalition’s interference in Philadelphia with voters’ mail-in ballots has resulted in several firings. Republicans have weaponized the situation to sow election mistrust.
In anticipation of the predicted overturn of Roe v. Wade, Gov. Kathy Hochul has directed millions to increase access to safe abortions, particularly for low-income and uninsured women who may be travelling from out of state.
To accommodate COVID restrictions, states gave restaurants permission to sell alcoholic beverages “to-go” during the pandemic. But now as life returns to normalcy, 18 states plus D.C. have made cocktails to-go permanent.
Pharmacists and pharmacist technicians have administered hundreds of millions of vaccinations during the pandemic, but federal emergency authorization for their wider role could end soon. States should make it permanent.
On Monday, Vanessa Roberts Avery was sworn in as Connecticut’s 54th U.S. attorney. President Joe Biden nominated Avery to fill the role in January and the Senate confirmed the pick last month.
Our public education system is too focused on preparing students for four-year colleges. When an auto mechanic can pull down a six-figure salary, it’s clear that career and technical education should be getting a lot more support.
Red states have filed 27 lawsuits or appeals against Biden’s immigration policies.
Some district attorneys are concerned about the lack of sufficient evidence to investigate noncitizen voting cases, an issue which is at the forefront of Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s re-election campaign.
While most of the men have taken stands on cultural issues that reflect national GOP platforms, such as guns and abortion, there are issues they back that are distinct to the Keystone State.
Agreements negotiated a century ago to share water on Western rivers among states are showing their age in a time of water scarcity.
The Texas governor has sparked backlash from advocates and educators after suggesting that the state may challenge a long-standing Supreme Court decision that allows free tuition for unauthorized immigrant school children.
A new California law requires addiction treatment providers to notify clients that they have the right to safe, ethical and evidence-based services. Penalties of up to $20,000 could be imposed for violations.
Mayor Dave Bronson has launched an inquiry into the municipal election that occurred last month, in part based upon security complaints from conservative candidates. Critics see the move as an attempt to undermine the election process.
More than a dozen lawyers reported that the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center in South Carolina has made visiting and providing legal information to clients extremely difficult or impossible.
On Wednesday, the public school association changed its bylaws to require school athletes to compete in sports teams associated with the sex listed on their birth certificate. The measure passed in a 62-0 vote.
A trigger law making abortion illegal would go into effect within 30 days after the repeal of Roe v. Wade. An older law could hold people who get abortions criminally liable — but it’s unclear whether it would still apply.
Billions of dollars will soon begin to flow to state, local and tribal governments. It should be used in ways that reflect each community's needs, and we need systems of accountability.
Two lawsuits, one wrongful death and the other emotional distress, have been filed against Amazon for the company’s actions before and after a tornado hit one of its warehouses in Edwardsville, Ill., in December, killing six.
The Electric Reliability Council of Texas is expecting a high demand for energy this weekend as weather forecasts predict potentially record-breaking temperatures this weekend in regions across the state.
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