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The Future of What’s Happening Now

Twenty-two Republican-leaning states have urged the court to block beneficiaries from suing if a state or municipality denies them services they are eligible for or violates their rights. Many reject the contract argument.
A museum and memorial in a onetime Confederate capital preserve the memories of slavery, lynching and Jim Crow. Yet too much of that past is still around us.
A maritime high school draws students from every borough and every background. The school's career-themed curriculum is as novel as its location, with an emphasis on the marine sciences.
They face many a myriad of negative outcomes, ranging from homelessness to involvement with the criminal justice system and unplanned pregnancies. But one county’s approach shows promise in helping these youth build better lives.
Amid account verification turmoil and warnings of potential outages at Twitter, some agencies say they have no plans to leave, but are alerting users to other social media options and tips for spotting real accounts.
The city’s overall turnout dropped the most of any county in the state, the third consecutive election with voter decline. If the city’s turnout drop had matched the state’s, 84,000 more voters would have cast ballots.
The states want to continue the defense of Title 42 policy, which allows border agents to rapidly “expel” migrants who cross the border without considering their asylum claims, beyond its Dec. 21 end date.
It’s an updated version of the one that will be used to allocate billions in federal funds. Local governments have less than two months to ask for corrections that could affect their portion of the money to improve Internet coverage.
Lots of governors have their eyes on the Oval Office. Most of the action will be among Republicans who will be zeroing in on Democratically controlled cities to score points on issues ranging from immigration to crime to spending.
Petitioners claimed that the board and County Election Bureau breached their duties by mailing official ballots to unverified voters, deleting records, by allowing a third party to control and tabulate mail-in ballots and more.
Research shows that mass violence leads to higher rates of depression, anxiety and suicide among young people and an overall decline in a community’s sense of well-being. “People really grossly underestimate the social cost of gun violence.”
Next year’s election will give Republicans an opportunity to take control of the state Legislature away from the Democrats. But many believe that to succeed, they have to distance themselves from the ex-president.
Thirty-eight states are operating or building networks, called mesonets, that detect weather events that span one to 150 miles and can fill the gaps in federal weather data.
The state auditor’s office announced that moving forward under the state’s new system could help streamline the process, save money and make it easier for residents to invest in dilapidated properties.
Cities in the South and Southwest aren’t just luring new residents. They’re growing their role as corporate headquarters towns.
More than two dozen state lawmakers retired or ran for a higher office, creating lots of turnover in the Legislature. While the partisan divide didn’t change much, the election expanded LGBTQ and Muslim representation.
The interstate voter registration center cross-checks information with other states’ databases to help identify voter fraud. But the secretary of state-elect will withdraw Alabama to protect personal data.
Hundreds of parents hoping to “take back” public education ran for school board seats in the midterms. What’s the actual job that awaits those who win?
More than 10 percent of the incoming legislative class will be lesbian, gay or bisexual members, marking the proportionally most openly queer state legislature in U.S. history.
The Texas governor has called upon the secretary of state, attorney general and Texas Rangers to investigate delayed polling place openings, a shortage of paper ballots and understaffing during last week’s election.
With tens of millions of dollars flowing into high-court elections, Republicans did better in partisan races in two states, while Democrats held on to their majorities elsewhere.
In the final session of the year, lawmakers will consider changes to the controversial criminal justice law aimed at improving police accountability and an equitable justice system.
The 26-year-old defeated Kim Rice, 52, and Rich Vial, 68, on Tuesday, making her the youngest-ever state senator ever elected in Oregon. She will represent Senate District 18.
Bond initiatives to support affordable housing both won and lost on Tuesday night, and political races around the country could have big implications for housing policy.
While secretary of state races are too close to call in Arizona and Nevada, Republican candidates who openly questioned the validity of the 2020 presidential election lost their bids in Michigan, Minnesota and New Mexico.
The state regulator scaled-back plan eliminates consumer fees. The original was abandoned after criticism from the governor and solar advocates that it could hurt the transition to renewable energy.
After the Civil War, white Southern leaders anchored the protection of their way of life in the private ownership of firearms. Piggybacking on American mobility, those ideas migrated out of the South.
The 2022 midterms were a record-breaking year for women candidates. Several states already have made history with electing their first-time female governor and some are yet to be decided as votes are still being tallied.
For one thing, many more children would have gotten COVID, along with everyone they live with and most school employees. But the debate over school closings is infected with myths, misinformation and ignorance.
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Workers have had a tough time of late, and ballot measures attempted to improve their situation — with some exceptions.
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