The proptech industry is heavily concentrated in a select few large cities — New York and Los Angeles to name two — but you can see elements of it in markets across the country.

Proptech gives us a view into the profound change in the real estate business being driven by technology. Propmodo, a leading proponent of Proptech, asked me to moderate a panel on the city of tomorrow during NYC Real Estate Tech Week.

In the panel, we talk about the disconnect between the radically different urban futures envisioned in the past versus the more incremental change we’ve experienced, how to design with unknown future changes in mind, and how to bring the digital to the physical.

On the panel:

  • Andrea Lamberti, a principal with Rafael Viñoly Architects;
  • John Macomber, a senior lecturer at the Harvard Business School; and,
  • Michael Hendrix, who runs state and local policy for the Manhattan Institute.

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