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E-Verify Creates Loophole for Undocumented Workers, Employers

E-Verify ensures workers have proper documentation, but undocumented workers have been using stolen identities as a way to pass through the system. It’s unclear whether the worker or employer is exploiting the loophole.

Working From Home With Inadequate Setups Takes Physical Toll

Many companies have offered stipends to workers to establish an ergonomic home office, which has created an unexpected profit for companies that produce at-home office equipment and furniture.

Florida Will Switch to Cloud-Based Unemployment Portal

The online portal would be less prone to crashing and could be repaired without shutting down the entire website. It has received bipartisan legislative support, but many say more improvement is needed.

California EDD Works to Extend Benefits While Blocking Fraud

With the passage of the American Rescue Plan, the state’s labor department is working to extend unemployment benefits to those who are eligible while verifying documents to prevent further fraud.

Are States’ Unemployment Systems Recovering from COVID-19?

The number of unemployed Americans skyrocketed due to COVID-19 and the surge hit state unemployment systems hard. We look at systems in Hawaii, Rhode Island, Indiana and Texas.

West Virginia Includes Remote Workers in Development Plan

Beckley, W.Va., wants to welcome remote workers to the city as a part of the downtown redevelopment plans by leveraging collaborative work spaces, affordable cost of living and other lifestyle amenities.

Many Stressed K-12 Education Workers Consider Changing Jobs

Millions of worn-out K-12 educators and workers are wondering if their compensation is enough to justify the risk they are taking to teach kids during the pandemic. Vaccines will help, but it may not be enough.

California’s Three Days Paid Leave Not Enough Against COVID

Federal and state regulations that required two weeks of paid leave to recover from COVID-19 expired on Jan. 1, leaving many state workers with the mandated minimum of just three days sick leave.

After Hours on Hold, Virginians Must Wait Months for Benefits

Some state residents waited for six hours to speak to someone regarding their unemployment payments, which hadn’t arrived months after filing. Hold time has since decreased, but many still await their payments.

Commission Outlines Plan for Guaranteed Work, Increased Benefits

California’s Future of Work Commission issued a report on how the state can eliminate work poverty through programs that guarantee work opportunities and a million new jobs in clean energy.

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