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The Future of Work Resources

A Skills Strategy for State Technology Workers

With plans to shut down the state government’s data center as part of a wide-ranging modernization strategy, 2020 has been a groundbreaking year for Utah’s Department of Technology Services (DTS).


The Digitization of Work Just Accelerated in These 4 Areas

2020 didn't change the future of work, it just hit the gas pedal. The pandemic forced many companies to go remote at a moment's notice. Learn the four key ways the pandemic accelerated the future we were already speeding toward.


COVID Vaccine Distribution

As vaccines to fight the COVID pandemic emerge, contact centers across the whole supply chain—from pharmaceuticals to logistics to public sector agencies and healthcare providers—serve a critical role in delivering information and the vaccine to the public. Learn how to safely reopen your economy and empower your contact center.


Future of Work: Trends Transforming the Workplace and a Blueprint for Action

The workplace is rapidly changing, driven by an evolving workforce and the changing nature of work. Today's workforce is quad-generational, composed of individuals with different values, motivations, and workstyles. Work is becoming more unstructured and agility is key. Employees increasingly demand flexibility in how, when, and where they work. At the same time, customer expectations are growing, and technology is accelerating the pace of business.


The Paperless Government Mission

COVID-19 taught us that the old way of doing business in person (or by phone, fax or mail) is over. Almost overnight, hundreds of thousands of government employees found themselves working remotely like everyone else, with their agencies scrambling to adjust. Today, there’s a better way to serve the public. Replace paper documents with digital services.