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The Future of Work: Building a Government Talent Strategy for 2022

What State and Local Leaders Need to Know to Modernize Workforce Planning

The 2022 Workforce Talent Strategy: Building the Public Workforce of the Future

March 15, 2022
Moderator: Teri Takai

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It’s a tumultuous time for the government workforce. Record numbers of people are quitting their jobs as part of the so-called Great Resignation – and the public sector is no exception. Other generational forces, including the rise of Gen Z and the wave of baby boomer retirements, continue to disrupt the public workforce.

Meanwhile, we’re only just beginning to understand the true impact of the pandemic on the nature of work. Hybrid work environments bring cultural, technological and geographic challenges – and opportunities – for agencies to consider. Automation is helping organizations realize new efficiencies and upskill employees for higher-value work.

To help state and local governments navigate these challenges in 2022 and lay the foundation for a modern public workforce, Governing and Government Technology are launching a new initiative focused on developing a new talent strategy. In a series of virtual conversations, Q&As and other resources, we’ll explore the new rules and best practices for attracting, hiring, onboarding, skilling and motivating the workforce of the future – and the technologies that help support those goals.

Join us March 15 as we launch this initiative with a discussion of the high-level trends and tech that are reshaping the public workforce – and what state and local leaders need to know to modernize their talent strategies.

The 2022 Workforce Talent Strategy: The Rise of a New Government Worker 

April 21, 2022

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Boomers retiring. Gen Xers ascendent. Millennials stepping into new roles. Gen Z looking for the right skills to enter the marketplace.

Workforce demographics are shifting rapidly across all industries, including state and local government. As agencies look to hire new employees – and keep current workers motivated and engaged – they need new strategies to address new challenges.

In this virtual conversation on April 21, part of a series from Governing and Government Technology on developing a talent strategy for 2022, we’ll take a look at the new government worker: What do they expect from a public sector job? How can you find and recruit the best employees in this new environment? How can you retain your best workers – and is retention even a goal anymore? What technologies make it easier to hire and onboard new employees in a remote environment?

Join us as we dive into these questions and many more. And we’ll discuss how these approaches fit within your organization’s broader workforce planning efforts.

The 2022 Workforce Talent Strategy: Hacking the Model of Work

May 20, 2022

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The nature of work changes all the time. Fax machines give way to email. Top-down edicts fall out of favor; collaborative teams take the stage. New technology makes it easier to work from home. Automation replaces menial data entry and frees employees to focus on strategic initiatives.

But nothing in modern history has impacted the nature of work more than COVID-19. The disruptions of the pandemic uprooted everything we thought we knew about the nature of work. What does a workplace look like? Do we even need an office? What does a workday look like? How can you collaborate as a team if you never meet face to face?

These disruptions have presented incredible challenges. But they also represent tremendous opportunities for state and local governments.

In this virtual conversation on May 20, part of our ongoing series on developing a talent strategy for 2022, we’ll explore the macro trends – including the pandemic, workflow automation, data analytics and more – that are redefining the definition of work.

We’ll explore how agencies are using creative models to tap into shared resources, contractors, managed services, automation and more to help adjust their workforce models to the new normal and fill a growing skillset gap.

The 2022 Workforce Talent Strategy: Enabling Collaboration for Real

June 22, 2022

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We know, we know. This is the 700th email you’ve gotten in the past month about maintaining collaboration in a remote work environment.

There’s good reason for that: Remote collaboration is hard! Keeping your team members communicating and engaged with each other is challenging enough in a physical office. Enabling collaboration in a world of hybrid work is exponentially more difficult, and it requires continued attention, flexibility and adaptability.

On June 15, join Governing and Government Technology for the latest virtual conversation in our ongoing series on developing a talent strategy for 2022 and beyond. In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Smart technologies that empower employees to collaborate across physical and digital workforces in synchronous and asynchronous ways
  • New strategies for preventing digital fatigue and burnout
  • How automation lets employees focus on more meaningful work
  • The must-have requirements (both technological and non-IT) for enabling continuous collaboration
The 2022 Workforce Talent Strategy: Closing the Skills Gap

July 12, 2022

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To confront current workforce challenges and prepare for the years ahead, governments don’t just need to rethink their recruitment and hiring strategies. They need to understand the skills it will take to power the government of the future. What capabilities and expertise will they need down the road? How can agencies leverage smart automation of menial tasks to draw greater value from their employees?

In this final virtual conversation of our ongoing initiative on modernizing the talent strategy for the public sector, we’ll explore the new skills required for government – and how to retrain and augment staff to achieve them.

We’ll outline strategies for investing in reskilling and upskilling employees as part of an adaptive model that evolves as your needs change. We’ll discuss the role of technology in augmenting and automating repetitive tasks to unlock new efficiencies and enable employees to grow into new areas.

Join us July 12 for this capstone conversation on developing a smarter talent strategy that will serve your organization for years to come.