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State’s Unemployment Dept. Could Have Prepared Better: Audit

California’s state auditor claims the Employment Development Department’s poor planning left workers unprepared for the influx of pandemic-related claims and had issues that were ignored for nearly a decade.

COVID-19 Surge Could Shut Down Major California Ports

State officials worry possible labor shortages could occur if too many dock workers get sick, which would create a severe slowdown of the multibillion-dollar industry, and are urging workers to get vaccinated.

Vaccine Delays Reveal Unexpected Weak Link in Supply Chains: A Shortage of Workers

The shipment of goods to suppliers has become technologically sophisticated. Delays in getting out the COVID-19 vaccine to people show that the breakdowns come down to something more basic.

California Continues Battle Against COVID Benefits Fraud

Due to its size and generosity, the state’s unemployment agency has been inundated with fraudulent COVID-19 benefits claims, which amount to $750 million in false filings each week. Some have come from as far as Russia.

San Francisco Office Market Plummets As Companies Go Remote

The city’s office market in 2020 reached its lowest levels since 1990 as the pandemic forced companies to send workers home and some, like Twitter and Dropbox, downsized their office footprint.

Chattanooga Hopes to Receive Migrating Remote Workers

As companies shift to remote work to adhere to the pandemic, geographic constraints for workers are disappearing. Chattanooga, Tenn., hopes to capitalize on this shift.

Unions Worry Uptick in Automated Jobs Will Go Beyond Pandemic

To maintain productivity and safety, some jobs are installing robot coworkers. Labor unions worry that the robots will continue to occupy jobs after the pandemic ends while others say they will free up workers for other positions.

California Workers at Risk of Losing Paid Sick, Family Leave

Without Congressional and statewide extensions to worker benefit programs, millions of workers could be left with just three days of paid sick leave and eight weeks of paid family leave per year.

Some States Use Pandemic Relief Funds to Train Workers

At least nine states are using short-term training programs to help combat the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic. But some experts want to fund community colleges to improve the payoff.

COVID-19’s Lessons for the New Government Workplace

A new survey shows that public-sector employees are adapting to remote work and that many like it. It also reveals concerns that state and local government employers need to keep in mind.

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