The Mayoral Balancing Act

Tension between downtowns and neighborhoods isn’t going to go away.

By Alan Ehrenhalt  |  September 1, 2019
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Smart Management

6 Tips for Piloting New Programs

Small test-runs can help an entity avoid big mistakes, but there's an art to getting meaningful results.

By Katherine Barrett & Richard Greene  |  August 28, 2019
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Management & Labor

The Search for Slogan Magic

With an eye on tourism and development, states keep trying to come up with evocative new taglines. Sometimes they stumble.

By Alan Ehrenhalt  |  August 27, 2019
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Washington Watch

Little Boxes Everywhere

5G technology will bring challenges for local government all the way down to the neighborhood level.

By Donald F. Kettl  |  August 26, 2019
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Washington Watch

Reality TV Politics

Soundbites and slogans might work in Washington, but closer to home voters expect results.

By Donald F. Kettl   |  September 1, 2019
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Urban Notebook

Appalachian Hope

Coal isn’t going to bounce back in West Virginia. But tourism and recreation can replace it.

By Scott Beyer  |  September 1, 2019
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Transportation & Infrastructure

The Two-Wheel Safety Illusion

More women are cycling, and more are dying. It reflects an urban failure.

By Nicole Gelinas  |  September 1, 2019
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Smart Management

Testing Period

Pilot programs don’t always fly right.

By Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene  |  September 1, 2019
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Public Money

High on Pot Taxes

Is there a revenue jackpot for states that legalize marijuana?

By Anne Kim  |  September 1, 2019
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Voices of the GOVERNING Institute

A Checklist for Evidence-Based Government

It's a way to measure progress toward building and strengthening a culture of learning and improvement.

By Andrew Feldman and Kathy Stack  |  August 20, 2019
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On Leadership

Governing in a Cynical Age

Public servants should work to restore people’s faith in government.

By Mark Funkhouser  |  September 1, 2019
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