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Ken Miller BW

Ken Miller

Every work system has its point of constraint, and that's the place to focus on to increase the organization's capacity. You're only as good as your weakest link.
What government does is noble and vital, but it can't deliver the value it should if we don't do a better job of making the work, work. The future of management is about more than technology and budgets.
Easy-to-find cost savings are a thing of the past. If you want to find treasure today, you have to dig.
Government simply doesn’t have the capacity to do all the good we want to do in this world. Who will save us from this crisis and what can you do about it? In short: you, and everything.
Government doesn't have the capacity to do all the good that is required. The solution: "increasing capacity."
Sudoku and the Sunday crossword can teach us a lot about leadership.
The ten Paradoxical Commandments of government - the reasons why changing your agency is so hard.
The three phases of any transformation
It's the latest, busiest trend in government management. Just don't call it a fad.
Being an effective manager doesn't mean trying to tackle everything.