Jessica Mulholland is the associate editor of GOVERNING, and is also the associate editor of both Government Technology  and Public CIO magazines. 

Jessica Mulholland
December 18, 2019

Secretaries of State Fighting Misinformation on Twitter

Election officials nationwide came together under the hashtag #TrustedInfo2020 on Thursday to help ensure voters have access to accurate election info, hoping to prevent foreign influence on the democratic process.
October 17, 2012

Illinois Announces Gigabit Broadband Initiative

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn announcedthat gigabit fiber and wireless will be deployed in Chicago’s Mid-South Side thanks to the Illinois Gigabit Communities Challenge award, which was given to Gigabit Squared.
September 17, 2012

South Carolina, DOE Advance Mini-Nuke Development

The Department of Energy approved two programs to advance the next generation of nuclear energy technology.
August 21, 2012

Smart Meter Security

Public utilities nationwide are installing smart meters to streamline operations and empower customers, but whether these systems are secure is still of concern.
August 7, 2012

Trading Printers for iPads

The Maryland governor’s office goes paperless, swapping out copiers, faxes and printers for iPads.
July 17, 2012

In Minneapolis, BYOD is Better

Bring-your-own-device policies allow government employees to use their iPads for both professional and personal purposes.
July 6, 2012

Uniting IT with Business

The CIO of Roseville, Calif., discusses how this growing city has transformed its IT department, choosing to integrate with other city departments rather than remain separate.
June 29, 2012

Reducing Pet Populations in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh has begun to shift funds away from impounding and euthanizing cats and dogs toward a free spaying and neutering program.
June 20, 2012

Connecting Rural America

The FCC's Connect America Fund aims to bring broadband access to rural areas, but is it more damaging to broadband rollout than helpful?
May 1, 2012

The Future of Telemedicine in Georgia

The CEO of the Georgia Partnership for TeleHealth talks about what it takes to make virtual medicine a reality.
April 30, 2012

Food-Safety Audits Keep Leafy Greens Clean

Consumption of leafy green vegetables is growing, as is the risk of E. coli contamination. California and Arizona are taking the lead in keeping them clean.
April 17, 2012

Philly Police Dept. Embraces Twitter

Philly's police commissioner is encouraging more officers to embrace Twitter as a policing tool. The department hopes to have 15 officer tweeting at the end of the month.
April 3, 2012

Cybersecurity: A Holistic Approach

Sharing information across all levels of government, regardless of how far they are in cybersecurity efforts, could help all IT officials in protecting their networks.
March 20, 2012

Maryland Seeks Health IT Ideas in New Contest

The Maryland Health Data Innovation Contest challenges anyone in the world to develop impactful public health intervention tools.
March 6, 2012

An Ex-Hacker Discusses Local Government IT Security

Twelve years after shutting down major sites like Yahoo, an ex-hacker is working to educate officials on securing their networks.
February 29, 2012

Electronic Warrants Raise Hawaii’s Revenue

Switching from paper to electronic traffic warrants has reduced backlogs and put more money from previously unpaid speeding tickets in Hawaii’s state coffers.
February 21, 2012

Embracing Google Earth

Five years ago, Google Earth worried government officials. But agencies have since realized that the benefits of using high-resolution, up-to-date imagery of our Earth outweigh its risks.
February 7, 2012

Florida's Emails Move to the Cloud

CIO David Taylor discusses his state moving all Executive Branch agencies’ email to a private cloud — law enforcement included.
January 17, 2012

CIOs' Top Challenges in 2012

Mobile development and best practices top the list of challenges for CIOs at every level of government.
January 3, 2012

Training Community College Students To Implement Health IT

A Midwestern community college consortium is working to train over 5,000 individuals in supporting electronic health records.
January 1, 2012

Putting Seniors to Work in Aiken, S.C.

In a town with a large population of people older than 65, a program that pairs senior citizens and at-risk kids is reaping benefits for both.
December 6, 2011

Governments Do Google Plus

About a month after Google Plus started offering brand pages, government entities have explored how to use the new platform.
November 15, 2011

Video Surveillance On Demand in Schools

One New York school district installed cameras with eyelids, protecting students' and staffers' well-being and privacy.
November 1, 2011

Maine Resident Brings Tech to Fishermen, Farmers

A recreational lobster fisher will equip local fishermen and farmers with Internet and software, helping them comply with government regulations.
October 31, 2011

Ohio County Demolishes Homes to Remove Blight

A land bank knocks down foreclosed homes to stabilize Cleveland-area neighborhoods -- all at the lender’s expense.
October 18, 2011

Google Enhances Wyoming Gov't Operations

Moving to the cloud has let Equality State government employees focus on the mission and not the platform.
October 7, 2011

California's 'Great Realignment'

At a recent Leadership Forum in Sacramento, California leaders discussed recent responsibilities passed down from the state to counties in light of a $10 billion budget deficit.
October 4, 2011

How Intersections Now Sense What Will Zoom By

In Pleasanton, Calif., radar-like sensors can more easily detect bicycle traffic, providing safer crossings for cyclists and motorists.
September 20, 2011

Testing Technology in a Ghost Town

A 20-square-mile town is planned solely to test emerging intelligent and green technologies and innovations -- no inhabitants necessary.
September 6, 2011

Click Here for More Revenue

The Washington state Department of Transportation is testing advertising on some of its dot-com web pages in an effort to increase revenue.
August 16, 2011

Shaping Software for a Smarter Portland

City officials in Portland, Ore., and IBM collaborated to create software that can test the outcomes of policy changes before they are implemented.
August 2, 2011

Bridging the Distance in the Texas Panhandle

A new data hub and database, along with new computers, will allow Panhandle law enforcement agencies to share crime data over a 26,000-mile span.
July 19, 2011

Fishing Online for Michigan's Last-Minute Anglers

Anglers can purchase fishing licenses from the state's Department of Natural Resources on the spot if they remember to bring their smartphones along for the trip.
July 5, 2011

Reverse Auctions Help Agencies Save Money

Agencies are going online where vendors outbid each other to provide goods and services for the lowest possible price.
June 30, 2011

A National Model for Curbing Childhood Obesity

A Massachusetts town's award-winning program that puts healthy choices at the heart of its planning efforts has been mirrored by others around the country.
June 21, 2011

How to Lead in IT Management

The CIO of Texas' Lower Colorado River Authority says don't try to control all the technology in the organization from within a central entity.
June 7, 2011

Maryland’s New Chief Innovation Officer Speaks Out

Bryan Sivak speaks about why failure is a necessary part of innovation.
May 31, 2011

Banning Teenagers from Tanning Beds

At the recommendation of doctors and in spite of the tanning industry, California may be the first state to set a precedent on tanning beds.
May 17, 2011

Building a Telemedicine Network in the Sunshine State

Florida’s teletrauma pilot helps create a network of specialists available to the most remote of patients.
May 3, 2011

Government Transparency: Privacy Please?

A zone of privacy must exist in the world of transparent government.
April 29, 2011

Do Smokers Have Privacy Rights?

An Ariz. county will begin testing its employees and offering health insurance discounts to nonsmokers. But is it right to find and penalize those who smoke?
April 19, 2011

How Kansas City, Kan., Won Over Google

An overbuilt fiber optic infrastructure and history of strong public-private partnerships made KCK a prime location for Google Fiber.
April 5, 2011

New Governor, New Web Presence

Many newly-elected governors have revamped their web strategies in order to open dialogue between government officials and constituents.
March 31, 2011

Health-Care Reform: To Implement or Not to Implement?

Many question health-care reform's status -- but it's still law, and likely will remain so.
March 15, 2011

The First Months of Code for America

Code for America’s City Program Director Alissa Black speaks about transforming government via technology and what to expect in 2012.
March 1, 2011

Plano, Texas, Deploys Citywide Camera Security Platform

Though just in the beginning stages, the system will ultimately let police view feeds from multiple cameras throughout the city.
February 28, 2011

Libraries Now Offering Books and Workouts

Public libraries are now the place to stretch your mind and body.
February 15, 2011

NYC's First Chief Digital Officer Speaks Out

Rachel Sterne, previously a consultant and entrepreneur, aims to make the city more transparent and accessible.
February 1, 2011

Preventing Leaks from the Inside

After an Army intelligence analyst allegedly leaked 260,000 diplomatic cables to the WikiLeaks website, thwarting inside jobs is under the radar.
February 1, 2011

Taking Action on Alzheimer's

The National Alzheimer's Project Act incorporates the state perspective in implementation.
January 18, 2011

Relying on Software to Create Facial Composites

Some law enforcement agencies depend on computer software to create composites that allow them to pursue investigations.
January 4, 2011

Developing a Sustainability Performance Management Platform

Nine localities will help design an online platform to measure and rate their sustainability efforts.
January 1, 2011

Banning the Happy Meal

Governments take child nutrition into their own hands.
December 21, 2010

Demystifying the Connecticut E-mail Quandary

A policy addressing e-mail retention and disaster recovery raises issues about how electronic correspondence needs to be stored.
December 1, 2010

The Effects of California and Colorado's Immunization Schemes

Two states exempt their kids from vaccinations -- but pertussis is rampant in only one.
November 16, 2010

Combating Contraband Cell Phones in Prisons

Cell phones provide inmates with a connection to the outside world, so prison systems look at legal ways to prevent inmates from making calls while on the inside.
November 1, 2010

California: A National Model for Health Benefit Exchanges?

As states implement health benefit exchanges, they’ll likely look west for guidance.
October 19, 2010

Could Technology Save Government $1 Trillion?

A recent report claims that the federal government could save lots after implementing tech innovations. Could states and localities find such cost savings as well?
October 1, 2010

Creating User-Friendly Medical Technology

Students design medical technologies with the patient in mind.
September 21, 2010

Running Fiber Through the Sewers

Sewer-based fiber to the home networks may be a cost-effective way to provide superfast Internet connections. Quincy, Ill. is pursuing this option slowly.
September 1, 2010

NYC Handles the Rise of Bedbugs

Bedbugs are biting again in a major outbreak, forcing local officials to scramble for solutions.
August 17, 2010

Implementing Tech Tools, Not Toys

Chicago Public Schools awarded grants for schools to implement the iPad, and will work to make sure the tablet helps to teach -- not entice.
July 30, 2010

Minimizing Retiree Health-Care Benefits

Can medical trusts be the answer to the shrinking retiree health-care benefit?
July 20, 2010

Indecent E-Communication?

Massachusetts extends its decency law’s reach to all things digital—perhaps for good reason, but some contend that it’s a violation of free speech.
June 30, 2010

Health Checkups at the Office

In-house clinics help government reduce the cost of health benefit claims.
June 8, 2010

Gathering and Publishing Agency Data

When Virginia’s Hampton Roads Transit launched its performance dashboard, officials had to figure out what data to post and how to get employees to embrace it.
June 1, 2010

Fixing the Doctor Deficit

Improving efficiencies can help, but cutbacks at state medical schools don't.
May 1, 2010

The Miami-Dade Diet

Health care won't cost less until people get healthy. (Photo: Tony Alter/Flickr CC).
March 31, 2010

Grading Tobacco Control

Did you know smoking costs the U.S. economy more than $193 billion each year? This includes $96 billion in health-care costs and $97 billion in lost productivity,...
March 1, 2010

Are Wind Farms a Health Risk?

Wind energy is blowing hot right now. Nationwide, wind farms are bringing in renewable energy and jobs, such as in Montana, as detailed in "Propelling...
February 1, 2010

Texting to Better Health

As the days of traditional paper and file medical records start to fade, health care delivery is following suit. Patients want better access to care,...