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John Lipscomb is a fierce environmental advocate for one of America’s historic rivers. He and his dog Batu continuously patrol the Hudson and its tributaries, supporting scientific studies in their 36-foot wooden boat.
The City Council has passed a law that requires a 300-foot buffer around private residences during protests and bans mace, knives and similar items from city facilities. But some worry the new law is overreaching.
The state will build a one-mile stretch of road that will recharge electric vehicles as they drive but details of how, when and where are still unclear. Indiana is working on similar tech, also vying to be the first in the country.
Election officials used to be able to sink into the background but as disinformation spreads officials now must become proactive and transparent about election security and processes, despite zero evidence of fraud.
More than 20,000 custodians statewide could receive a minimum wage increase, employer contribution to union pension plans and bereavement leave, which would generate thousands of dollars in additional wages and benefits.
The Biden administration’s mandate will require state workers to get vaccinated against COVID-19 or undergo weekly testing. Some may decide to leave their job and state to avoid the vaccine.
Mayor Libby Schaaf promised to house 1,500 homeless residents and build permanent affordable housing as well. The city will receive $11.3 million in federal funds for the development.
A new report found four tolling sites had problems correctly counting vehicle axles, billing customers twice and overbilling others with commuter payment plans. The problems could be larger than MDTA wants to admit.
In 2020, 86 percent of the nation’s police departments reported staffing shortages, including the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. But the lack of officers isn’t due to the pandemic; numbers have been down since 2013.
For many parishes in the Acadiana region, getting adequate Internet speeds is a challenge that has impacted business and residential growth. In some parishes, 1 in 3 homes do not have any broadband access.
The Ohio transit authority, known as RTA, has had to temporarily eliminate some service due to a bus driver shortage. But many of the routes being cut are essential for seniors and riders with disabilities.
One proposal suggests installing a high-voltage AC transmission lines facility near the Bronx Terminal Market, but studies suggest these high-voltage currents could cause greater incidences of childhood leukemia.
With a strong victory in California’s recall, a new poll found 52 percent of registered voters said they would support Gov. Newsom in an election against Larry Elder, while just 30 percent said they’d support Elder.
  • Virginia state Sen. Jennifer McClellan, the head of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Commission, regarding the installment of The Emancipation and Freedom Monument after the past year with COVID-19, the murder of George Floyd and the racial reckoning. The monument, which replaced the statue of Robert E. Lee that was removed from Richmond, Va., earlier this month, makes its debut after several of the largest Confederate statues have been removed. (NPR — September 22, 2021)
The attack against the Department of Health and Social Services could have released personal and health information to the hackers. The state will spend $215,000 for free credit monitoring for those who want it.
The four firms that are competing to earn a multimillion-dollar contract to modernize the state’s unemployment system have each experienced problems while working on other states’ unemployment or IT projects.
The law will outlaw coal- and gas-fired electricity by 2045, but it doesn’t address the coal-mining industry. In 2020 alone, coal burning released more than 57 million tons of carbon emissions.
Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser has called for oversight of the department after an investigation following the death of Elijah McClain found patterns of racial bias, excessive force and other misconduct.
The second half of the program will continue replacing 4,300 streetlights with smart LED lights and installing Wi-Fi hot spots across the city. The smart LED lights can also be used to count traffic and detect gunshots.
The number of years that former Fall River, Ma., Mayor Jasiel Correia will have to serve in prison on extortion charges. Correia, now 29, was elected when he was just 23 years old.
The number of Indigenous people, mostly girls, who have gone missing in Wyoming from 2011 to 2020. A recent report found 21 percent of Indigenous people are missing for 30 days or longer whereas only 11 percent of white people remain missing for that same duration. Additionally, only 30 percent of Indigenous homicide victims are covered by the media, while 51 percent of white victims receive coverage.
The amount of money allocated within the infrastructure bill for cleanup of defunct coal mines over the next 15 years. Some of these abandoned mines have been polluting rivers and streams for decades, causing harm to local ecosystems and contaminating drinking water.
The proportion of Americans who do believe that their social media activity is not very or not at all secure, according to a recent survey. Fifty-six percent of respondents had more faith in the private sector than the federal government when it came to handling security and privacy improvements.
The proportion of hospital ICUs across the nation that are now more than 95 percent full, an increase of 5 percent from July and 15 percent from June.
The cost so far of California’s recall election, with the Secretary of State’s Office predicting the final amount will likely increase to $300 million or more.
The date by which federal employees must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or get weekly testing, according to the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate.
The inches of rain that some places across the Texas Gulf Coast and southwestern Louisiana could experience as Tropical Storm Nicholas makes landfall.
The estimated cost to fund Amazon’s recently announced college tuition program by 2025. Hourly employees who have worked at the company for at least 90 days will be eligible to have their college tuition and fees paid for, upfront, by the e-commerce giant in an effort by the company to retain workers. Employees will not have to reimburse Amazon for any college payments if the worker decides to leave the company.
The age group at which Black boys and girls are injured by law enforcement 5.3 and 6.7 times more than white boys and girls, respectively, according to a new study by the University of California, Berkeley. Black boys between the ages of 15 and 19 had the highest rate of hospitalization due to police violence.
The number of air travelers who were screened at TSA checkpoints over the Labor Day Weekend, up from 2,289,578 during the same long weekend in 2020 but still short of the pre-pandemic Labor Day weekend in 2019 (6,418,490).
The number of states that prohibit school districts from setting mask mandates. Sixteen states and the District of Columbia require masks be worn in schools.
View demographic data showing representation of racial and ethnic minorities in each police department.
Newly released data shows an increasingly diverse American population. About 30 percent identify as racial or ethnic minorities, according to the latest Census Bureau estimates.
Governing is building a 50-state map to visualize the changes underway to declare states “Open for Business” even as the coronavirus remains at large across the country.
Recent data shows that while overall spending has increased, there is great variation among states on public education expenditures per student. The average is $12,612, but New York spends nearly double that amount.
A comprehensive view of the states’ marijuana laws regarding medical use, workplace accommodations and driving under the influence. Today, 36 states and the District of Columbia allow medical use of marijuana.
View population density and land area data for U.S. cities.
State totals on active duty, reserve forces and civilian employees for each branch of the military.
Connecticut tops the list of states whose taxpayers receive the least bang for their buck from the feds.
Voters made Texas the 19th state to add legal protections for hunting and fishing, which are now also the preferred methods for controlling wildlife.
In hopes of reducing the city's high crime rate, Camden, N.J., made a controversial and unprecedented move a year ago to replace its police force.
Data shows total law enforcement staff and per capita rates.
Thirty-seven states had legalized same-sex marriage prior to the Supreme Court ruling.
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Workplace safety is in the spotlight as government leaders adapt to a prolonged pandemic.
While government employees, students and the general public had to wait in line for hours in the beginning of the pandemic, at-home test kits make it easy to diagnose for the novel coronavirus in less than 30 minutes.
Governments around the nation are working to design the best vaccine policies that keep both their employees and their residents safe. Although the latest data shows a variety of polarizing perspectives, there are clear emerging best practices that leading governments are following to put trust first: creating policies that are flexible and provide a range of options, and being in tune with the needs and sentiments of their employees so that they are able to be dynamic and accommodate the rapidly changing situation.
Service delivery and the individual experience within health and human services (HHS) is often very siloed and fragmented.
In this episode, Marianne Steger explains why health care for Pre-Medicare retirees and active employees just got easier.
Government organizations around the world are experiencing the consequences of plagiarism firsthand. A simple mistake can lead to loss of reputation, loss of trust and even lawsuits. It’s important to avoid plagiarism at all costs, and government organizations are held to a particularly high standard. Fortunately, technological solutions such as iThenticate allow government organizations to avoid instances of text plagiarism in an efficient manner.
Creating meaningful citizen experiences in a post-COVID world requires embracing digital initiatives like secure and ethical data sharing, artificial intelligence and more.
GHD identified four themes critical for municipalities to address to reach net-zero by 2050. Will you be ready?
As more state and local jurisdictions have placed a priority on creating sustainable and resilient communities, many have set strong targets to reduce the energy use and greenhouse gases (GHGs) associated with commercial and residential buildings.
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