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Live on Webcams: Election Officials Count 2020 Ballots

To boost voter confidence, election officials in numerous counties are taking transparency to the ultimate level, installing live cameras in the rooms where ballots are sorted, verified and counted.

By Carl Smith, Senior Staff Writer  |  October 30, 2020
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THE FUTURE OF What’s Happening Now

How State and Local Officials Plan to Prevent Election Violence

The U.S. has a long history of political violence, which has mostly been avoided in the recent past. State and local officials worry this year is shaping up as an exception.

By Alan Greenblatt, Senior Staff Writer  |  October 30, 2020
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THE FUTURE OF What’s Happening Now

How to Run a Mayoral Campaign in the Era of COVID

Grassroots political campaigns, with their personal touch, are deeply rooted in American politics. But not anymore. A day with a Hagerstown, Md., mayoral candidate shows how it has changed.

By David Kidd, Photojournalist and Storyteller  |  October 30, 2020
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Stemming a Restaurant Industry Crisis: Legislative Watch

Take-out and delivery helped restaurants hang on during the pandemic, but a new wave of cases stands in the way of a return to pre-COVID operations and revenue. Legislative proposals aim to help.

By Carl Smith, Senior Staff Writer  |  October 30, 2020
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THE FUTURE OF What’s Happening Now

Digital States Survey 2020: Cloud Is More Critical Than Ever

2020 put all states to the test as they moved to deliver more services online than ever before. Leading states had laid the groundwork with strong as-a-service platforms and pivoted quickly to take on new challenges.

By Adam Stone and Government Technology  |  October 30, 2020
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THE FUTURE OF What’s Happening Now

Defund Your Local Sheriff? Police Reform on Ballots Nationwide

Numerous measures curbing police power or pursuing criminal justice reform ideas are on state and local ballots this year. They predate the George Floyd protests but reflect current concerns.

By Alan Greenblatt, Senior Staff Writer  |  October 29, 2020
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Slow Streets Were a Success. Should Cities Keep Them?

A recent study examined projects to reduce car use and increase walking and biking on neighborhood streets in five cities, offering a look into how transportation data can be used to craft similar future projects.

By Skip Descant, Government Technology  |  October 29, 2020
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THE FUTURE OF What’s Happening Now

With COVID Cases Rising, What Policymakers Need to Know

Amesh Adalja, a senior health scholar at the Johns Hopkins University, talks about improving treatments, preventing infections and understanding science as coronavirus case numbers rise and winter approaches.

By Alan Greenblatt, Senior Staff Writer  |  October 28, 2020
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Money Matters: Voters to Decide Major Tax Initiatives

Arizona, California and Illinois are just some of the states that have significant tax measures on the ballot that could impact billions in state revenue for years to come.

By Tod Newcombe, Managing Editor  |  October 28, 2020
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THE FUTURE OF What’s Happening Now

History Teaches Us Election Delays Are Nothing New

Worried we may have to wait to find out whether Biden or Trump won? In 1800, election results were delayed for months. And don’t forget 2000, when legal battles prolonged the final results until Dec. 12.

By Lindsay Chervinsky, Historian and Contributor  |  October 28, 2020
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In the Arena

The Many Chapters of Jabari Simama’s Life

Humble beginnings and a kind demeanor have made him a great public servant, including work as a city council member and college president. It also has led him to foster a deep friendship with legendary John Lewis.

By Cathilea Robinett  |  October 27, 2020
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9 million

The estimated number of Texas ballots that had been cast as of Friday morning, already exceeding the 8.9 million total ballots cast in the state’s 2016 election.

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