States Again Sue IRS Over Federal Tax Law

Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and a local government coalition allege that a new IRS rule unlawfully puts an end to their tax reform workarounds.

IRS headquarters

Medicaid Work Requirements Face More Technical and Legal Challenges

The policy faces another court test, this time in New Hampshire, where officials delayed it amid public confusion and website glitches.

5 States Still Don't Have a Budget. Here's Why.

Medicaid expansion, education funding and tax breaks are at the heart of the stalemates this year. The delays may hurt some states more than others.

Not All About Trump: Democrats Worry About State Legislative Races

Panelists at the Netroots Nation conference this weekend raised concerns about finding enough candidates and donors for state legislative elections.

• Will the Gerrymandering Ruling Motivate Donors and Voters?

How Nevada Plans to Solve the Marijuana Banking Problem

The state is drawing inspiration from the gambling industry to get cannabis businesses access to banks.

Students hold up and carry signs during a rally in support of the University of Alaska system.

Alaska's Public Universities May Declare 'Academic Bankruptcy'

Lawmakers failed to override the Republican governor's decision to cut 40 percent of the university system's state funding.

Protester holding a sign that says "We Support the Second Amendment."

Oops! Secretary of State's Clerical Error Sets Back Iowa Ballot Measures

Supporters of the initiatives will have to wait at least two years before they go before voters.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom in a dentist's office.

California Takes Obamacare to a New Level as the Law's Fate Looms

The state is restoring the individual mandate and making an unprecedented effort to help the middle class afford health insurance.

• After Midterm Wins, Momentum for Medicaid Expansion Slows

In Defense of Foreign Investment in U.S. Housing

Absentee property owners from abroad take much of the blame for rising housing prices in America. But they’re really a net win for cities.


Better Ways to Measure Student Learning

There's a lot of room for improvement in the way we do standardized tests. Some states are experimenting with innovative approaches.


Maps That Can Guide a Changing City

The evolving technology of 'digital twins' can provide a dynamic, real-time view of the urban environment and the impact of ideas for improving it.


$340 million

The amount California will spend to pay off medical school debt as part of a program aimed at increasing the number of doctors who see Medi-Cal patients in a state experiencing a shortage of healthcare providers.


WANTED: Public Employees Who Live Where They Work

Local governments are offering employees home loans and even housing if they reside among the people they serve.

Many Students Are in Crisis. So Is America's School Counseling System.

Counselors say budget cuts have left them unable to respond to students’ mental health needs.

Will Up-Zoning Make Housing More Affordable?

Making neighborhoods denser is an idea with growing appeal. The question is whether it works.

White Communities, Black Students: Counties With the Biggest School Race Gap

White enrollment in private schools creates stark disparities in many districts.


How can modern solutions pave a new path to healthcare?

We know how. We are the how.


Should a Private Tech Giant Be Designing Cities?

Google’s sister company wants to build the city of the future on Toronto’s waterfront, raising concerns over privacy and the role of government.

The Mayors Changing Local Government's Status Quo

They're bringing new perspectives and ideas.

To Find More 'Good Cops,' a Few Big Cities Change Their Hiring Process

They're putting more emphasis on applicants' emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills.

Cities Confront the 'Forever Chemicals' Contaminating Drinking Water

As the EPA and Congress debate PFAS regulations, local governments are taking action to protect people from toxic chemicals used in the production of practically everything.

How Federal Tax Reform Is Changing Government Borrowing

Fearing more changes from Congress, states and cities are turning less and less to the municipal bond market.

• Governments Rethink Their 'Moral Obligation' to Bondholders